Green Street director left jaded

Only last month Lexi Alexander was chatting with Total Film’s sister title, DVD Review, about the upcoming shoot for Life ‘N’ Lyrics, the story of a young London rapper who falls for a girl from a rival crowd in Birmingham. “We’ve got an amazing cast full of amazing young rappers,” Alexander said. “I think the script is great, I think it’s going to be wicked, I’m so excited.” But, unhappy with how little pre-production time there was, the German helmer has dropped out.

Meant to be a follow-up to Green Street, her widely-praised tale of football hooligans, Life ’n’ Lyrics would have afforded Alexander the opportunity of working with hot property actor/musician Ashley Walters, aka Asher D from So Solid Crew. “I chose this over a lot of big budget films,” Lexi said, “and the list of people involved in this is endless.”

But don’t weep just yet. Alexander has already started work on a new job, returning to Los Angeles for the crime drama Labour Day, about a District Attorney whose wife is kidnapped during the biggest case of his life. “I am stepping into the evil world of studio films,” she says, “making a $40 million action film.”