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Grab a free Xbox One S with a 10GB Google Pixel 3a contract with EE - ends soon!

Grab a free Xbox One S with a 10GB Google Pixel 3a contract with EE - ends soon!
(Image credit: EE)

If you're due an upgrade, or are itching to make the most of an excellent mobile deal with gaming freebies, then EE has something up your street. Right now you can get a free Xbox One S, or a Sonos One speaker or some B&O headphones with a Google Pixel 3a 10GB plan from EE. These are all roughly around the same value so you're getting between 150 and 200 quids worth of free tech. The Xbox One S is the one that really stands out for us as gamers as you'll get so much bang for your buck from it as a fun-making machine.

For clarity, there are two 10GB plans to choose between, the main difference being whether or not you want one of EE's Swappable Benefits thrown in for an extra £5 a month. Swappable Benefits include things such as data for Netflix or BT Sport on your phone, or gaining access Amazon Prime Video with the data covered by EE. The Google Pixel 3a is a quality phone in itself. It won't be tearing up the park by any means but it will serve you well with a 64GB capacity, a Snapdragon 670 processor, a decent 3000mAh battery and solid cameras, both front-facing and rear.

The promotion lasts until the 2nd of September, so there's a bit of time left to consider it before pulling the trigger.

Google Pixel 3a + 10GB data + FREE Xbox One S or Sonos One or B&O headphones| just £34 a month at EE
Opt for the Pixel 3a in one of three colours and choose your free bit of tech. It is £34 a month for the 10GB plan,or you can opt for a £39 a month deal that includes a Swappable Benefit. View Deal

Sometimes these free gift deals only come with mediocre handsets which makes them less palatable, but the Google Pixel 3a is a solid phone and will serve you well for everyday use. However, if you're after something more high end and one of the top performers, check out the best gaming phones going right now. And if you fancy something larger but still mobile consult our guide on the best gaming tablets that are out in the wild right now. 

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