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Ghost Recon teasers trickling out on Twitter

The announcement trailer for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier contained more information than you may have guessed about the upcoming shooter. Now the game’s community manager is revealing some of the more subtle hints on Twitter. Before we dig in, here’s the trailer to refresh your memory.

The first hint was dropped March 10th via @UbiKimi, the Senior Community developer working on Ghost Recon. Here are all the hints to come out so far. Follow @UbiKimito keep up with the latest.

Hint #1: Let's start off with an easy hint some eagle eyes have spotted:

Hint #2: Anti-personnel artillery, satellite uplink, core rotary

Hint #3: Gorgeous iconic buildings, here's one of many

Hint #4: Swat has another meaning beyond paramilitary use

Hint #5: Two triggers!

Hint #6: (Emperor of the Huns from 434-453 A.D.) tank

Hint #7: Close net of tiny cameras reflect what they see

Hint #8: USS (President #40)

Hint #9: Yes, the cross-com is returning

Hint #10: The home of lutefisk

Mar 16, 2010