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Gamings best Jason Masks

Dead Rising 2

Yeah, like the game that included a Borat thong and a dildo gun wouldn’t go so far as to include a Jason Mask… can we all just go ahead and assume there’s one in Saints Row and move on?

Fallout 3

Current-gen editions of the Fallout series feature a hockey mask that purports to give characters a five-point Unarmed stat boost, but you know it’s just Bethesda riding the coattails of the Jason Mask! (Or much more aptly, an awesome homage to Lord Humungus from The Road Warrior, who rocked a hockey mask a full year before Jason first did so in Friday the 13th Part III.)

Ninja Gaiden

Did you know Ninja Gaiden’s semi-obscure arcade version also featured one-dimensional, fist-fodder enemies sporting Jason Masks? It’s true! Yeah, we’re kinda running out steam here…

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

ZOMG, we spotted a Jason Mask in Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer! (Apologies, but modern-day SEO mandates we include the search term “Modern Warfare 3” at least once per article.)

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

During GTA: Vice City’s final asset mission, Tommy Vercetti rounds up his gang of merry psychopaths for one last, massive heist. Can you guess what outfit they chose to strike terror into the hearts on minimum wage-making bank tellers?