GamesRadar's greatest fan art

Noticing that some of our readers had more than a little artistic talent, we started fashioning image related contests for actual prizes.Other times, people needed no such bribery for incentive. For example:We made fun of Skittle the Tigerfrom Kinectimals... BAM!

Above: graboids

Artist: Batman5273

Artist: enlargedhousecats

On a totally seperate occasion, we asked our users what comicsWITHOUT SUPERHEROESthey'd like to see made into a game.

Artist: graboids

Artist: Bolt ActionRevolver

And during yet another awesome occasion, we had conversation on the show aboutThe Smurfs inventing zombies, to which our readers responded with these!

Artist: Mechamorbo

Artist: graboids

Artist: ventanger

Artist: graboids