GamesRadar's greatest fan art

GamesRadar’s been in the Gamez Journalizin’ business for half a decade now, and even though it took a while, it looks as if people have finally started to care. How do we know? Look at this article, jerk off.

Above: Arguably, our first piece of fan art from KREATIVEassassin

Often times without provocation, our fine readers have taken to the Photoshops and MS Paints to concoct widly beautiful pictures of the things we do, say and play. For you passive readers, it’ll probably help is we introduced the editors on the US side.

Above: Eric Bratcher

Above: Brett Elston

Above: Mike Grimm

Above: Chris Antista

Above: Mikel Reparaz

Above: Tyler Wilde

Above: Charlie Barrattt

Above: Lizzie Cuevas

Above:Henry Gilbert

Above: Tyler Nagata

Yeah, I'm missing art of Matt Keast, Carolyn Gudmundson and Cheryll Del Rosario BUT I ASSUREIT EXISTS. Probably somewherein here (opens in new tab). Now that you know our colorful cast of characters, perhaps stuff like this'll make more sense now?

Yeah, I'm particularly fon of that one. Thanks Batman5273! On to the next page!