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GAME is still 'working through' cancelled Fallout 4 Pip-Boy editions

As reported on Friday, UK retailer GAME cancelled hundreds of pre-orders of Fallout 4's Pip-Boy edition, citing bank and Paypal problems. The company has now released a statement on its Facebook page, guaranteeing that orders are still safe and being held in a distribution centre. However, given that it's now launch day, this means people are still without their copies of the game and customers are understandably irate. Below is the full statement on GAME's Facebook page.

Rejected payments have apparently been the cause of the issue but the majority of customers still say that there should have been no issue with the bank as there were sufficient funds. I've been told by a customer that he had enough money in the bank and there was no evidence that GAME tried to take payment but his order was still cancelled. He was re-added to a list to have his order reprocessed. Those who managed to get in touch with GAME - with apparent wait times of up to six hours to speak to someone in a call centre - prior to 3:30pm yesterday would have their copy of the game for launch day but others are still waiting.

The comments on the above post make for miserable reading. "My daughter contacted her bank, who said no attempt had been made to collect the payment," says one. "She has tried to contact you numerous time by phone, live chat and e-mail. You have failed to respond despite assuring her you would do so." Another says "I have had no contact whatsoever from you either via a phone call or an email. Still waiting and getting angrier."

Last week, customers who had pre-ordered the Pip-Boy edition in stores were warned that they might not get their copy of the game due to stock shortages but one of these customers has been in touch since launch and there were no problems in their GAME store at midnight. There were even six Pip-Boy editions available to buy without a pre-order.

It's reassuring to know that orders are still safe with GAME and its clearly working through a much bigger backlog than originally reported. It's not known how many copies of the edition were sold in the first place but there are plenty of people who were more fortunate with the purchase process. Hopefully the last of the issues will be sorted over the next few days. We've got a Wasteland to get to.

And of course, there are those who have decided to capitalise on eBay. A listing emailed to me of a PC Pip-Boy edition of Fallout 4 is going for £250. Only a mere £150 more than the asking price. Ouch.

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Louise Blain
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