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Misery as some Fallout 4 Pip-Boy edition pre-orders have been cancelled by GAME

Of all the emails to receive at midnight, one about your order of the much coveted Pip-Boy edition of Fallout 4 (opens in new tab) being scrapped isn't the one dreams are made of. Unfortunately this has been the case for hundreds of GAME customers who have had the £99.99 version of the game, that comes with wearable Pip-Boy, cancelled.

Stating "We have tried to process your order and have hit a few issues" the email says that Paypal has been the cause of the problems. The full email is in the image from Neogaf (opens in new tab) above but while it says that the order can be replaced, people have conflicting stories regarding the replacement of this specific edition of Fallout 4. Others are reporting that they didn't even use Paypal, had the correct card details and that orders are still being cancelled.

As expected, GAME's support service has tweeted that it's experiencing high numbers of calls and is trying to speak to as many people as possible but as you can see from the responses below, it's a frustrating time for everyone involved. A number of people have confirmed to me that accessing GAME's live chat is exceptionally difficult.

I've received a mail from someone affected who managed to get through to GAME after two hours on the phone. The customer service agent said a team within the call centre has been set up to call back anyone who had called in with a Fallout issue to re-process the orders. This is in the hundreds however and will take a number of days.

Stock is apparently still on hold within GAME but those with cancelled orders do not have a Pip-Boy still allocated to them and should definitely call to have this sorted. My source also says that there was no clear indication given of when this would all be sorted and those with the issue should call to ensure that they still get their Pip-Boy edition.

It's more likely that this is a colossally mistimed admin error rather than stock shortages but have you had your Pip-Boy edition cancelled? Have you managed to get through to GAME? Let us know in the comments below or drop us a mail (opens in new tab).

Louise Blain
Louise Blain

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