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Two bros playin' Smash Bros. on First To Five

GamesRadar+ editors Maxwell McGee and Lucas Sullivan love to fight - in games, that is. Sure, they might seem like chummy co-workers, but there's a bitter rivalry brewing deep within their dark hearts. In order to finally figure out whose skills are superior, they've created the ultimate contest: First To Five.

The rules are simple: first to five wins. That's it. Blood will be spilled, tears will be shed, and laughs will be had as Maxwell and Lucas talk smack and mash buttons in an epic battle for supremacy. In their latest duel, bitter rivals Maxwell and Lucas decide to settle their differences in Smash. Who will prevail: Maxwell's Zelda or Lucas' Wario? It's a smashing good time, right here on First to Five.

First to Five Ep. 4: Windjammers

First to Five Ep. 3: Mario Party 2

First to Five Ep. 2: Super Mario Kart

First to Five Ep. 1: X-Men vs. Street Fighter

Check it out, and be sure to leave a comment voting for the next game and who you think will win it all!