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First Alice: Madness Returns gameplay trailer exposes Wonderland's nightmares, massacres them

The first Alice: Madness Returns gameplay footage has debuted in a new trailer, and McGee's latest take on the emaciated dress-wearing maniac looks, as expected, to be part bloody brawler and part macabre puzzler, with especially lovely (vile) environment and character designs. Check it out below:

We also grabbed a bunch of stills from the video to see if we could glean anything interesting. It's all interesting, if you ask the excited fanboy writing this article, but try to bear with his uncurbed enthusiasm. He's weird.

Above: London hasn't treated Alice very well. Eat a sandwich!

Above: But look! She's back in lovely Wonderland, in the official garb of psychological regression

Above: Oh right, it's only lovely for long enough to provide contrast

Above: The physics applied to Alice's hair and dress look fantastic. Also note the costume change... good, we were sort of getting tired of blue and white

Above: The combat appears to be a bit more involved than it wasin the previousgame -lookslike Alice has a hefty collection ofspecial attacks and combos

Above: By "special attacks," we meant "Oh God, the horror!" Is her heart bleeding?

Above: But melee attacks aren't Alice's only skill - she's going all Duke Nukem on a couple of horrid dolls

Above: Alice has become awfully acrobatic since we last saw her

Above: Is this a remote-controlled bomb? Is Alice holding the detonator?But it's holding a clock? Questions!

Above: Do not want!

Above: NO! Wait... are we back in London?

Above: Arm arms put on arms?

Above: Looks like we'll be glimpsing reality... or perhaps just another mental abstraction of it. If this and the rat above are any indication, it's worse than Wonderland

Above: It wouldn't be Alice without an appearance from this guy

Mar 7, 2011

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer