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'Find Makarov' teaser leads to fan-made Modern Warfare movie trailer

Information is valuable, but like money, it can be counterfeited - a countdown site at (opens in new tab) got a bunch of press last week when it was initially presumed to be an official Activision teaser for Modern Warfare 3.

We, and the rest of the internet,got all typey about the big news until Activision denied any involvement, and we later discovered that a fan project of some description was behind it. Well, the countdown is now over, and we had to find out what was so important that we needed to be fooled. The site now redirects to a YouTube video called 'Find Makarov - Live Action Modern Warfare Trailer.' It's a fan-made film trailer that's not just based on Modern Warfare - it's a recreation of the games entirely from a first-person view. Check it out:

We'd be pissed about the trickery that had us retracting speculation last week, but damn, this was a ridiculous amount of work. The trailer was posted by We Can Pretend, a "creative collective based in Toronto, Canada." The group's intention is presumably self-promotion.

Mar 2, 2011

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer