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Final Fantasy Versus XIII teased with perfume

We haven't heard anything more about PS3-exclusive Final Fantasy Versus XIII since reports of its demise were greatly exaggerated this summer. Maybe we should've been sniffing instead of listening. Hidemi Matsuzaka, general manager of the Square Enix figure brand Play Arts Kai, tweeted a picture of a certain new perfume scent today (via Gematsu).

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The bottle is labeled Noctis, which (we wouldn't blame you for forgetting this by now) is the name of the prince who is protagonist of Versus XIII. Square Enix has released several Final Fantasy perfumes in the past, including scents for Cloud, Sephiroth, and Lightning.

Can't imagine the publisher would show off a new perfume for a canceled game, even if the title has been around since 2006. This tease may be just a morsel to keep fans going, or we may learn more about the future of Final Fantasy Versus XIII soon--say, at Sony's big meeting on Wednesday?

We can hope.

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