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The Evil Within collectibles locations guide

Chapter 2 - Remnants

Sebastian, now demonstrating Brad-Pitt-in-World-War-Z levels of resilience, will come to in one of the creepiest save areas you're likely to see. You'll visit here often, and each trip will offer up new collectibles for you to snuffle up, so be sure not to leave empty-handed.

Newspaper #1

You'll see the newspaper on the desk as soon as Sebastian rouses himself from the bed.

Map Fragment #1

Leave your room and head right into the reception area. The nurse will open the gate, allowing you access to the upgrade chair that your tushy will soon become intimately familiar with. Before you sit down, take a look behind it to find the fragment of the map.

Personal Document #1

When you're back in the great outdoors, follow the path until you spot a wooden shack decorated Old Testament style, with blood smeared all over the door. Inside, you'll find Sebastian's Dear Diary entry on the table next to the jar of green goo.

Newspaper #2

Use the mirror in the shack where you found the first Personal Document to transport to the save area. The newspaper is in the stand in the lobby.

Missing Person Poster #1

Check the board opposite the newspaper stand in the lobby to find the Missing Person Poster.

Document #3

Carrying on along the path, you'll arrive at a bonfire in front of a dilapidated stone cottage. The document is resting on the end of the protruding firewood, miraculously unscathed.

Map Fragment #2

Eventually you'll come to a more open area with a large building being patrolled by more of these grotesque henchman, and dotted with bonfires they've presumably built themselves, which is odd considering that they're more flammable than a hydrogen airship soaked in gasoline, slowly descending over a forest fire. Veer off to the path to the right instead, where you'll find another house with a couple of sandbag barricades outside.

Enter the house and you'll find the Map Fragment on the sofa to the left.

Map Fragment #3

As soon as you pass through the gate that you had to raise manually, turn to your left and head in that direction to find another ramshackle hut.

The Map Fragment is on a chair in the corner.

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