Every Scott Pilgrim vs The World videogame reference

Above: The music that plays during the fight with Lucas Lee’s stunt doubles is a chiptunesy rendition of the Baseball Furies chase/fight music in The Warriors. (Which I only mention because up until Scott Pilgrim, The Warriors was the best movie/game related anything!) Compare the songs here and here

Above: The sound Scott lets out after getting belted by Lucas Lee is possibly taken directly from the Tekken series (Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection is listed in the credits.) Either Paul or Heihatchi, we’re not quite sure…

Above: Todd Ingram’s Super Vegan powers look to be cut from the same cloth as Super Sonic, or any Dragon Ball Z character for that matter

Above: Upon defeat, an Evil Ex will explode into fountain of coins as a reward. Undoubtedly a VG trope, the comic is much clearer about being inspired specifically by River City Ransom

Above: The sound Roxy makes thudding to ground after getting punched in the boob could be nothing… or it very well could be a long overdue salute to the 1993 Tradewest sidescroller, Plok!

Above: Roxy Richter, her name a Castlevania reference in and of itself, uses a whip/sword weapon similar to Ivy of Soul Calibur. Her appearance at the club also features several sounds taken directly from Sonic the Hedgehog (Side note for Arrested Development fans: Actress Mae Whitman also played Michael Cera’s love interest, Ann Veal!)

Above: Ramona uses a hammer to defend Scott, and really, is there any VG reference more pure than a Donkey Kong reference…

Above: However, the star on the bag Ramona pulls the hammer from has led many to believe that it’s a reference to longstanding Kirby Nemesis, King Dedede. Can’t it be both?

Above: Scott wears a Rock Band shirt to an Amp vs. Amp band battle

Above: Many believe the Katayanagi twins, Evil Exes 5 and 6, are a Double Dragon reference, and the beasts they summon certainly adds some credence to that theory

Above: There’s been a lot of speculation over what the VG basis of Scott’s counter summon is, if any. If we had to guess, his ape/yeti creature bears the most resemblance to Blizzard, Primal Rage’s poster boy

Above: The extra life Scott grabs in the movie was designed by Paul Robertson, the same artist who handled the art direction in

Above: Upon defeat, the Katayanagi Twins’ amp fall in a slightly Tetris formation, most notably revealing an iconic T block