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E3 2010: Kid Icarus: Uprising revealed for 3DS, hell freezes over

No f**king way, that’s what we thought, never going to happen. And yet here we are, after being rocked by the announcement of all the features of the 3DS, that was followed by the announcement of the platform's first game, Kid Icarus: Uprising, which is being developed by Masahiro Sakurai, the man behind Smash Bros and Kirby.

Looking like a mix of arrow shooting, sword slashing and flight controls, the first impression was just how amazing it looks, nearly on par with what most Wii games can do, which gives you some idea of the 3DS’s power. As Pit flew between obstacles, dodging them on his way to fighting huge bosses, the excitement in the room grew more intense. The system choice was apparently because Sakurai felt that the title would be great for a 3D system, as you can more easily navigate the 3D world at the speed needed when you can really take in the width and depth.

No other details, like date, were announced, but we are still just getting over that this title actually exists to be able to take that in anyway. No need to pinch yourselves, Nintendo maniacs, it really happened: Pit is back.

Jun 15, 2010

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