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Dying Light's new vehicle DLC The Following is bigger than all previous maps combined

We reported last week that Techland is pushing the boundaries with its new Dying Light DLC and now it's confirmed that story add-on The Following will have a map bigger than all previous Dying Light maps put together. After much teasing, it's also been confirmed that we'll have all terrain dirt buggies to hurtle across the map in and take down unwitting zombies.

“For Dying Light: The Following we’re adding a number of bold game-changers to create one massive expansion," explains producer Tymon Smektala. "Something big that will give the game a brand-new flavor. The new map alone is the same size as all the previous maps from Dying Light combined, so there is a lot we’re packing in here."

The Following will be free to those who own the Dying Light season pass but will also be available to buy separately. The team at Techland have been listening to fans when it comes to their new releases and sees this as the next step for the community. "We also kept a close eye on player feedback to help tailor what we’ve created here," continues Smektala. "Hopefully people will see that this new expansion is first and foremost, for the fans.” More info will be revealed at Gamescom next week. It's a good thing we're going.

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Louise Blain
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