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Did Sony pull this fan-favourite PS Vita game without notice?

(Image credit: Guerrilla Cambridge)

Sony has seemingly turned off the servers for Killzone: Mercenary without informing players ahead of time that the game was being shut down.

While there's no official word from Sony or developer Guerrilla confirming or denying the rumours either way, reports that the shooter couldn't connect to online matches popped up on social media a few days ago.  The shooter purportedly still boasts a surprisingly healthy player base.

Sony usually publicises server closures on its official website (thanks, Digital Trends), but at the time of writing, there's no indication that there were plans to shut down the servers. However, concerned players reached out to Sony support and report they were told that servers that support the game's online components have been terminated

"I was actually on support chat with Sony when I saw this post. I asked the rep, and he checked internally and confirmed they were shut down," explained one Redditor. 

Since then, players have been complaining that the abrupt cancellation means they can't complete efforts to secure the platinum trophy, whilst others complain that they've only just recently purchased the game. Indeed, at the time of writing, the game is still currently available to buy on the PS Store UK, which may suggest its an ongoing server issue rather than closure.

If it has been taken offline permanently, some players believe the lack of notice may violate Sony's own terms of service and are hoping to convince the company to reverse the decision or give them with the 90-day notice period usually provided. 

We've reached out to Sony for comment and will let you know just as soon as we hear back.

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