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Did Destiny 2's first Nightfall feel *too* hard? Bungie admits it was a little bit broken

It's not just salt talking if you think Destiny 2 (opens in new tab)'s first Nightfall Strike is a bit too hard: the Prism modifier is partially broken. An official Bungie forum post (opens in new tab) clarified that the visual representation of Prism "is not persisting on screen as is intended". And Prism is definitely the kind of thing you want to be able to keep tabs on, since it cycles through the damage types and empowers one while weakening the others.

As it stands now, an on-screen message will specify when the damage type swaps, but it's pretty easy to miss and/or forget if you're not laser-focused on it (or are dead). Prior to the announcement, several players on the main Destiny 2 Reddit forum requested that just such an on-screen indicator be added to the game. Amusingly, many of the user responses (opens in new tab) waved it off and said keeping track of the single effective damage type was all just part of the challenge. Hardcore Destiny players don't mess around.

Bungie hopes to resolve the Prism issue in a "future hotfix". But don't fret too much if you're one of those hardcore types who prefers the crisp flavor of Prism Classic; you'll have another week to play with it!

As it was trying to diagnose the Prism Problem, Bungie noticed a more severe glitch with the Momentum modifier, which was intended to take Prism's place for the Week 2 Nightfall. In order to avoid subjecting players to even worse Nightfall-terrors, Bungie will use the current version of Prism again instead when the Nightfall swaps over during the server reset on Tuesday morning. The Nightfall will still take place on The Inverted Spire with the Timewarp: Rings mod as previously planned. (opens in new tab)

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