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Devil May Cry 3

Dante is one cool guy. You might not have thought it while playing the slightly disappointing Devil May Cry 2, but this game will reaffirm everything you thought you knew about him.

Like something out of The Matrix, Dante can shoot six monsters dead while spinning cartwheels. He can spin around a pole faster and faster, kicking anyone who gets in his way in the mush . He can even - get this - knock out an enemy then use them as a surfboard to plough down all the others. And it all looks as great as it sounds.

Weapons-wise, the finished game will let you choose one of four fighting styles at the start of each new level. These include Sword Master and Gunslinger, which are pretty self-explanatory - the move you unleash by pressing e is a devastating shredding attack in Sword Master and a flip while shooting in Gunslinger. There's also Trickster, a more acrobatic style of fighting. You'll want to try them all out.

It's been two years in the making and it seems to be time well spent. DMC3 could be one of the first must-have games of next year.

Devil May Cry 3 will be ready to slice up your PS2 in March