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Destiny Dead Ghosts location guide [inc. DB, HoW, Taken King, Rise of Iron, and Age of Triumph]

Rise of Iron - Crucible Maps #21 - #31

Dead Ghost #21 - Pantheon

We're beginning at capture point A.

Head out to the edge overlooking the pretty bit of the Black Garden and turn left.

Walk along the edge and hop up onto the ledge with roots growing on it.

Walk to the other end to find the Dead Ghost.

Dead Ghost #22 - Rusted Lands

This is another Ghost on the outside of the map, so be prepared to die after picking it up.

Make your way to point B.

To the right is some rubble next to the wall marking the edge of the map.

Head around to the other side so that you're facing capture point B and looking at where the rubble meets the wall.

Now jump straight over the wall and land on the other side. If you used the point described above as a reference point, the Dead Ghost should be in front of you. 

Dead Ghost #23 - Sector 618 (PS4 exclusive)

Start off a capture point A.

From in here, go through the doorway that leads towards C and has a bunch of big red canisters outside.

Turn to the right on this platform and you'll see the marker for capture point B.

Edge out a little further and you'll spot an isolated platform between the two walkways.

Jump over to it to pick up the Dead Ghost.

Dead Ghost #24 - Shores of Time

We're starting off at B with the capture point and circular doorway in front of us.

Turn left and go through the rectangular doorway.

As you follow it around to the left you'll emerge outside. 

The Ghost is behind the glowing rectangular cube on the left.

Dead Ghost #25 - Skyline

Start out at capture point C.

There's a catwalk and sheer drop to one side of it.

Amble over here and head down the steps.

The Dead Ghost is on the walkway underneath the stairs.

Dead Ghost #26 - Skyshock

Make your way to capture point A.

Hop up to the turret so that you're overlooking the airplane graveyard and head over to the tail end in front of you.

Facing the opening you'll see a small bush to the left.

The Dead Ghost is in here.

Dead Ghost #27 - Thieves Den

Head to capture point A and face it so that the Devil Walker is behind it.

To the left is a glowing cube.

The Dead Ghost is next to it.

Dead Ghost #28 - The Timekeeper

We're starting off at A facing the fancy Vex architecture. 

We're heading to the platform highlighted by the reticule.

You shouldn't have a problem jumping up to it.

The Dead Ghost is up here.

Dead Ghost #29 - Twilight Gap 

We're kicking off the search at C.

Head through the doorway with the fire extinguisher next to it.

There'll be a giant cube in front of you.

The Dead Ghost is inside.

Dead Ghost #30 - Vertigo

Make your way to capture point B and face towards the portal.

Pop through the doorway on the right.

Go down the steps and around to the immediate right.

The Ghost is on the ground in the corner.

Dead Ghost #31 - Widow's Court

Spawn in on the map and face the cathedral so that capture point A's marker is in front of you, and B and C are on either side.

Jump up to the front of the cathedral and go straight through the archway ahead. 

To the right is a multistory building. 

Jump up to the platform visible in the opening.

The Dead Ghost is up here.

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