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Destiny Dead Ghosts location guide [inc. DB, HoW, Taken King, Rise of Iron, and Age of Triumph]

Rise of Iron - Crucible Maps #1 - #10

Destiny's Rise of Iron update sees the introduction of Private Matches in Crucible and the appearance of Dead Ghosts scattered across the maps. 

There are 27 maps live right now with four more to follow in the DLC on September 20. Two of the maps are PS4 exclusives so skip right over those if you're on Xbox One. 

We started Private Matches on Control and used the capture points as landmarks.  Do the same and you'll pick up the collectibles in no time. 

Dead Ghost #1 - The Anomaly

Head to point C.

There's a vehicle parked next to the capture point.

Just behind it is an orange crate.

The Ghost is on the other side of the crate in the corner where it meets the wall.

Dead Ghost #2 - Asylum

When you drop into the map, make your way to point C.

It's straight down the remnants of the road leading past the cafe sign.

Enter the building and turn left.

Go over to the back right corner.

The Ghost is hidden in the grass here.

Dead Ghost #3 - Bannerfall

After appreciating just how pretty parts of this map are, head on over to point B.

With the tree behind the capture point, look up to the right.

There's an arched doorway. Hop up to the platform in the middle.

Jump to the platform in front of you.

Make a final jump to the next platform along.

Enter the doorway to the left.

The Dead Ghost is straight through here on a table to the immediate left.

Dead Ghost #4 - Bastion

Make your way to point B.

With C on your left, and A on your right, head through the doorway straight ahead.

Go straight over to the rocky arch ahead.

Looking through here, you'll see a marker for C directly in front of you.

Go through the arch and turn around to face it.

The Ghost is on top of the rocks to the left of the opening.

Dead Ghost #5 - Black Shield

The search kicks off at point A.

Head through the doorway towards point C, and then on through the green door on the left.

In the next room, jump over the platform ahead and through a second set of green doors.

Go past the pallet of containers and turn right.

Turn to your immediate right again so that you're facing the direction you entered from and you'll see a small doorway.

Inside and to the left, you'll find the Dead Ghost on the ground next to the large pipe.

Dead Ghost #6 - Blind Watch

We're starting out at point A again.

Turn around so that A is directly behind you and go through the lit doorway ahead.

Drop down and turn left.

The Ghost is in-between the pillars.

Dead Ghost #7 - The Burning Shrine

This Ghost is on the very edge of the map near A.

With the edge of the map on your left and A on the right, head to the big rectangular stone partially covered by sand.

Follow it around to the lowest side and you'll get the notification to turn back.

Quickly nab the Ghost and get out of there.

Dead Ghost #8 - Cathedral of Dusk

We're starting out at point A.

Go through the doorway and up the stairs to the main part of the Cathedral.

Stand in front of the stone tablet.

Now turn around and pop over to the right side of the balcony to the pile of debris.

You'll find the Ghost here.

Dead Ghost #9 - The Cauldron

Drop into the map and head for B.

There's a walkway leading down to B which is sandwiched between two staircases.

Drop off the right side of the walkway.

Turning around to look at point B you'll see a little light on the ground to the left.

It is of course, a Dead Ghost.

Dead Ghost #10 - Crossroads

We're beginning at B again.

Facing the capture point so that the trees are behind it, go through the gap to the left.

Approach the left side of the portal.

The Dead Ghost is on the floor here.

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