Dark Souls 3 boss guide - how to defeat every top tier enemy

Oceiros, the Consumed King (Optional) 

Oceiros, the Consumed King can be found in the optional Consumed King’s Garden area, right near the Lothric Castle bonfire. He’s a half-dragon, half-wolf… thing consumed with worry about his child Ocelotte. It’s not wise to mess with an angry father, but you can challenge this beast if you want to.

Oceiros begins the fight cradling his child (at least in his mind) in one hand, staff in the other. His common attacks consist of swipes and slams with said staff, and you can easily avoid these by rolling under him. But you’ll need to get moving for his other two attacks. If he leaps into the air, get ready to run, as he’ll crash back down to earth, slamming his staff in the process. He may also lower the staff and call in white clouds of curse damage. Back away if you see this coming. And throughout all of this, attack him whenever you get the opportunity.

Once you knock him down to 75% health, you’ll have to deal with a completely different fight: Oceiros will “lose his child” and go feral. During this portion of the fight, he’s usually in motion, galloping all across the battlefield. However, you should still stick as close to him as possible. He wants to leap at you, but staying at his side seems to confuse his attack pattern.

Oceiros’ new attacks include a chaotic swiping combo, which you’ll need to keep rolling away from. He may also spin his tail at close range, but this can be avoided by rolling under the tail itself. At a long distance, he’ll do a charging attack that is tough to dodge, but can be avoided with a quick roll to the side. He may also leap into the and fly toward you, creating a trail of magic shards under him as he closes the distance. Get to the side and stay there to avoid the magic trail.

Oceiros is a bit of a tragic figure, but this demonic daddy will still fall in battle if you choose to face him. Stick close during both phases, backing away only when you have to, to take him down.

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