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Crash Bandicoot HD trilogy will ooga-booga your PS4 on June 30 for $40

The Crash Bandicoot HD remasters (okay, okay, the "Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy") will arrive on PS4 on June 30 of this year, Activision has confirmed. The reworked games, complete with new graphics, sounds, cinematics, analog support, and a new save system, will cost $40.

Not including mobile spin-offs like Nitro Racing, it's been nearly a decade since we last saw our dear marsupial friend. Andy Gavin, co-creator of the PlayStation mascot, has been saying he'd be interested in an HD version since 2012. Activision has likewise been expressing the same sentiment for nearly 7 years. Heck, even we declared our undying love for the franchise just recently.

So yeah, this one's spent some time in the oven. And it'll finally be ready to enjoy this summer.

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