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Comic Heroes #22 On Sale Now

Time for ticker tape and flag-waving with the very red, white and blue latest issue of Comic Heroes, on sale now!

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Join us for a pulse-pounding 164-page journey through the very best comics, past present and future. ON sale now at WHSmith and other newsagents.

With the Captain America movie sequel The Winter Soldier looming, and the promise of a biog role for SHIELD, we have a bumper batch of Captain America and Nick Fury goodness for you.

Not only do we have the complete history of Captain America, and a massive feature of the influence of SHIELD within the Marvel universe, there’s also an all-new interview with writer Ed Brubaker, the man who wrote the original Winter Soldier comic book series. He even tells us about his visit to the set of the film.

But America doesn’t have the monopoly on red, white and blue. Comic Heroes 22 also has an exclusive feature on the creation of Revolutionary War , the new Marvel series that resurrects the heroes of marvel UK, including Captain Britain.

As if that weren’t enough, how does this grab you, true believer? A major, all-new interview with Bryan Hitch, in which he talks about turning writer for the first time (as well as artist) on Real Heroes .

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And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We also have features on:

• The triumphant resurrection of Valiant Comics
• Black Widow
• New Warriors
• Empire Of The Dead
• Rogue Trooper
• Iron Patriot
• Lois Lane
• The Joker’s Daughter
• She-Hulk
• Vampire author Charlaine Harris’s first venture into comics
• The Trial Of Diana Prince
• Artists Adam Hughes and Pablo Marcos

Still not enough? Then how about 15 pages of reviews and 30 pages of previews.

Comic Heroes , the magazine that takes comics as seriously as you do.

Issue #22 On Sale Now at WHSmith

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