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Class up your home with this beautiful (and huge) oil-on-canvas Zelda picture

If you have Zelda in your heart, that's all you really need. But if you have Zelda in your heart and some spare cash in your bank account, you might as well deck yourself and your home out in celebration of the greatness that is Breath of the Wild. Enter nerd-centric retailer ThinkGeek and its newly expanded selection of Zelda-riffic items - starting with this frickin' beautiful (and huge) oil canvas.

View deal: Breath of the Wild oil canvas for $249.99 at ThinkGeek

Pop open your Breath of the Wild box and look at the cool inside cover illustration of Link climbing a mountain with Lake Hylia in the distance. Then look at this 30" x 60" oil canvas that depicts the same scene in massive, textured detail, and imagine what it would look like hanging on your wall. At $249.99 it's quite an investment, but at least it's already pre-stretched and ready to display (which is often the most expensive part for hanging prints).

View deal: Traveler's Shield backpack for $59.99 at ThinkGeek

Warning: if you try to shield surf on this backpack it will probably end in injury. But if you just put your things in it then wear it on your back like a normal person, you'll get to enjoy all the fun and style of carrying a shield with the practicality of a mid-sized backpack. The inside has a cool Sheikah Eye design, too.

View deal: Sheikah Slate sketchbook for $29.99 at ThinkGeek

Is it practical to carry around a scale Sheikah Slate replica with a sketchbook inside? No, but it is super fun. Start your own IRL Hyrule Compendium by sketching all the beautiful flora and fauna surrounding you, or just draw your own weird Link character concepts.

View deal: Hylian Hood hoodie for $29.99 at ThinkGeek

There's a lot to be said for subtle video game apparel. Not everything needs to be big bright character illustrations and logos. Zip up this hoodie and your fellow fans will quickly recognize the Hylian Hood design, while everyone else will just see a cool black hoodie with an interesting design on the back.

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