We all know why we pick elfs but dont you get the feeling that the tactic you use is getting boring or old. I have been playing Shadowrun for 2 years now and have made these elfclasses based on my own experiences and tacts seen by friends of mine.Have fun. 1.1 RH Avagadros 2.1 Sin Naga 3.1 +--------------------+ Based on RH Avagadros +--------------------+ 1.1 made for flanking and sneaking behind enemy lines. When useing this make sure you make you way to the enemy spawn after the enemy leaves then chase them and pick them off one by one. round 1. SMOKE. It will really help you because people tend to throw alot of grenades early game. round 2. SAVE YOUR MONEY. You will most likely get a weapon from an enemy. round 3. TELEPORT. This is a must have.For mobility and for escaping. round 4. WIRED REFLEXES. This tech is highly underrated its extra speed makes you able to outrun every opponent but you do have to know the map by hart as you have to run backward when blocking the bullets. When done right combined with teleport you will virtually escape every battle. Even though WIRED REFLEXES (WR)takes in 4 essence you will still have enough essence to teleport and smoke and the bullets that get blocked dont get counted as damage but you dont get any, resulting in a steady essence regeneration instead of the slow or no regeneration of you essence when healing as a elf. round 5. KATANA SMG use the katana to run around the map and make mortal wounds and to escape battles.When behind someone use the boost to quickly gain up on them and slash them in the neck. After doing this escape and when recoverd from the damage then return (if they havent died already)to finish them off. DO NOT CHARGE THE ENEMY WHILE HACKING THE SWORD LIKE A ESCAPED MENTAL PATIENT ON CRACK. The smg is your main weapon and use it for confrontations with elfs and dwarfs when facing trolls and humans it`s better to run away blocking bullets with your katana. Even when you die you should always buy katana and smg, when you want to use an other weapon use an other build made especially made for that weapon. Which are discriped here below round 6. Buy ressurect. Only for quick cast. Even when not mapped on lb rb or lt you can still see where you allies died so you know where the party is going on,and hopefully crash it. After resing a teammate remove WIRED REFLEXES so you have enough space to teleport twice. +-----------------+ Based on Sin Naga +-----------------+ 2.1 never run into the battle just like with RH Avagadros. Good players try to stay out of the enemies sight.This build is made to sneak up on people and make mortal wounds but when being spotted still being able to take them down by surpise and sneaky scams. round 1. SMG or RIFLE. to save money and help getting some kills. round 2. TELEPORT. A must need for elfs. either for mobility or for running away for the enemy. round 3. WIRED REFLEXES.When combined with katana makes you able to block bullets and run like hell is a perfect match for a hit and run. round 4. KATANA SHOTGUN The katana is for the same reason as with RH Avagadros but the shotgun is the main weapon. When sneaking up on someone slash them to make them mortal wounded them teleport through them while switching to you shotgun and turning 180 degrees to blast them in their back as they have just turn around.Grenades are equiped in you third slot. When being confronted by someone run away with you katana and teleport and throw grenades in places where you think they will come through to follow you, like your own teleport vortex. When in full health while being followed teleport through a wall and switch to shotgun look how surprised they are when they suddenly get shot by a shotgun. An elf takes 2 shots and so does a dwarf. A human takes 3 and a troll take 5 in a row. The thing that makes this build so succesfull is that the enemy will never see your shotgun because it is placed so that someone in front of you cant see it because they will be focussing on you katana and try to get close and when they get close take cover wip out you shotgun and its to late for them. always try to takes the paths that your teammates dont take because those pathes will be the ones your enemy will be focussing on. +------------------------------------+ Based on Acid Gastriks(not sure if its the correct spelling) +------------------------------------+ 3.1 This build is made for back up for you teammates and protecting locations but watch out for people sneaking up on you round 1. GUST. its good for messing up the accurasy of the opponent and deflecting grenades when they are just thrown at you. Do not underestimate the power of the blowback when fighting in close combat it negates katana, shotgun and smg wielders. Its also a good tool for blowing away your enemy and then escaping in the opposite direction. round 2. Rifle. This is a weapon good against any race in almost any condition and in combination with gust makes it incredibly strong,it does take skill to wield the rifle though. I recommemd shooting in bursts of 2 and then ajust aim and so on. It takes 5 or 4 shots on a elf 2 headshots. 6 shots on a dwarf. 7 or 8 shots on a human and a clip or more on a troll. When shooting with the rifle always croutch. Elfs will almost always charge you because they think you are an easy target but with your gust you blow them away in a straight line so you wont need to adjust you aimand they will die before they hit the mofo ground :) Dwarf the same but they are harder to blow away so already make sure you are already at a good distance. humans are the hardest because they are quick and take a lot of shots. i usually make sure they dont see me and get a couple of shots on them and then when they get close gustem away following with a few more shots to kill them. Trolls are easy because the rifle is already fairly strong and the trolls harden so they cant get away from your line of fire. Try aiming for their heads because their heads are just MASSIVE!!. round 3. TELEPORT see 1.1 (round 3) round 4. WIRED REFLEXES see 1.1 (round 4) round 5. Katana and rifle. round 6. RES see 1.1 (round 6) +---------------------------------+ Based on iTz BilliboeZ(thats me :)) +---------------------------------+ 4.1 This build is made for sniping. It is experimental, if its a succes contact me at markoes2@hotmail.com and tell me what was good about it. round 1. SMG for getting some kills up close. Try to get close because the pistol will kill you on a distance. round 2. TELEPORT. see 1.1 (round 3) round 3. SMOKE. for escaping when someone sneaks up on you and for making it harder to get seen on enhanced vision and getting locked on by Smart link. round 4. ENHANCED VISION. For spotting enemies because waiting on a ledges isnt effective if you dont know where the enemy is. round 5. SNIPER SMG smg for close combat and for finishing off enemies who you already hit with sniper who are charging you. Elfs take 2 shots from sniper and 1 heady. dwarfs take 2 shots. humans take 3 shots and 1 heady. troll take almost 2 clips but 1 heady. sniper can be effective on any map if you are good with it. This build is to help maximize the potential you can get out of you sniper capability.Just use it allot and you will get good at it pratice pratice pratice. +---------------+ sniper locations. Power station: At the top of redroom and the gate in the frontyard. +---------------+ Dig site: front and back yard and tom burlington memorial sniper spot. Favela: tenements high and on the buildings near the artifact on the rightside when facing the artifact. Lobby: Try to sneak through the basement and come from behind or stand on the giant globe. Maelstrom: This is a hard map to snipe in but can snipe from anywhere but beware of backstabbers. Nerve center: The RNA spawn on the rightside of the drop off point. Pinnacle: The higher ring on the side of the enemy. Poco: The middle or from the lineage side up the ladder or at the artifact drop off. Temple Grounds: near the artifact drop off or the slide high.Or towerside. or near the spawn of the lineage on the shed or between the rocks. When sniping always croutch because it will increase your rate of fire while staying accurate.When people are standing still take your time to make that headshot when shooting a moving target aim infront of them and aim for their chest. After two kills in your snipe spot move immediatly to an other spot overseeing you previous spot.This will help in getting multiple kills and in the next round you should move again because your kills from last round will try to hunt you down. When facing a one to one snipe off keep moving while croutching (moving your stick carfully). when you stop moving your crosshair will almost immediatly become the smallest it can be. This tacticwill make it hard for the enemy to keep their aim on you while if they stand still themselfs they are a easy target. When getting in position while sniping try getting near the enemy spawn while still having a view over the map. ONE KEY POINT IS TRY NEVER TO BEE SEEN BY THE ENEMY AND DONT SHOW THEM WHERE YOU SNIPE. Example: When being Rna on temple ground move to the slide high and get some kills. if there is nobody to see move to the lineage shed aiming for towerside.Next round move to the buildings near the spawn aiming for towerside but do not get seen When on lineage move through the temple to the well and climb up the ladder to have a birds eye view on the building near the Rna spawn. If there is nobody move to the slide high. Next round move through the temple to tower side and hide between the rubble near the hut.When there is nobody move to the slide high. I want to thank RH Avagadros, Sin Naga and Acid Gastriks for letting me see their builds and moddifing them.This guide is Copyright (2009) to iTz BilliboeZ You have permission to print this guide as long as credit is given to me. Do not plagiarize please. I have worked hard on this guide and I would not like it to be passed off as somebody else's.</p>