FAQ for Constantine (Playstation 2) Hello everyone. This is AchtungNight, bringing you the much-awaited FAQ for a (in my opinion) great game based on the first great comic book movie of 2005! This FAQ is by no means complete and never will be- if you have hints and tips please send them to me at DougElder21@yahoo.com and they will be added! This FAQ is copyright Doug Elder, 2005, and may only be used and posted online with permission of the author. It is not official. Currently it can be found only at Gamefaqs.com. Constantine the game, movie, and comic book is copyright Playstation2, Vertigo/DC Comics, SCI, THQ, Bits Studios, and Warner Bros. Special Thanks to CJayC for maintaining GameFaqs, the best resource I've found for video game help on the Web. Thanks also to WB, Bits Studios, Vertigo/DC, THQ, and SCI for making a great game, comic, and movie. Thanks to my friends Shap and Lisa for their help writing this and experiencing it with me. Always good to have friends. Thanks to all on the Message Board at GameFAQs for insipration and help writing this. Thanks finally to you, the reader, for checking this FAQ out. Version History 0.1 3/9/2005 FAQ Submitted. Includes overview and Walk-Thru up to Level 9. More will be posted soon. 0.2 Finished Journey to Papa Midnite's and Hell's Museum. I got all the bonus cards on those levels. 0.3 Fixed formatting errors and resubmitted. Updated bonus cards on the Library. 0.35 Further research enabled me to find all the bonus cards on the Library. Awesome. File updated. :) 0.4 Finished 20 Lanes Bowling Alley and Hell's Highway. Soon I will start Hell's Temple- I know lots of you are having trouble on that level. Will update soon! 0.5 Updated Hell's Highway with the location of the last bonus card (Thanks Shap!). Also finished Hell's Temple. 0.75 Completed Balthazar Zynergy Registry Inc. 0.9 Completed Ravenscar Hospital. 1.0 Completed game. Boy was that one hell of a ride. I may still have missed stuff. If I did, please tell me by email (DougElder21@yahoo.com) and I will update and give you credit. Hope everything herein helps you complete the game. This FAQ is divided into the following sections: 1. Game Overview. 2. Basic Controls. 3. The Cast. 4. Arsenal. 5. Walkthru Level-by-Level. 6. Closing Thoughts. This FAQ Contains SPOILERS!!! 1. Game Overview. You are John Constantine, Hellblazer. Magician, detective, exorcist, rogue demon hunter and all-around badass. In this game you face hordes upon hordes of horrible demons from Hell's blackest pits. All in a day's work. :) The game is based on the DC/Vertigo comic book series John Constantine Hellblazer and the Warner Bros. movie Constantine starring Keanu Reeves. It is primarily a shooter with some puzzles also. It is a lot of fun. 2. Basic Controls. This FAQ is using the Playstation2 version of the game, Occult control scheme, and Easy "Trickster" difficulty setting. On harder settings the demons do and take more damage and ammo/health pickups give you less stuff. Not much difference otherwise. As far as controls go, the game is pretty self-explanatory. Move around, shoot enemies, and dodge their attacks. A few things require special notes. Melee Attack/Actions: When you do this, John will slap an enemy with the butt of his gun, punch them, stomp on them, etc. You can also use it to open secret panels, activate screen objects, push/pull tables, and other things as noted in the game. Guns: You do not need to reload. Ever. :) Movement: You can jump gaps automatically by running towards them. You can also climb ladders and fences by moving towards them automatically. To move along walls, press the action button near one when prompted, then move the stick. Camera Targeting:­ This takes a little getting used to at first, just aim with the right analong stick by default. When the target cursor turns green, you've got a good hit. Orange is usually a miss, except with wide-angle weapons (see below). Spells: When you cast a spell, you must hit the prompted button quickly before the meter runs out or you are hit by an enemy. Keep hitting the prompted buttons in combination until the spell goes off. To get mana back, kill demons or grab voodoo dolls. The meter also slowly regenerates. Flask of Enlightenment: Refills your health when you get hurt. Limited capacity. Refill it by finding water. Using coolers and faucets fills it up. Journal: The game tells you when this is updated. Check it frequently for information on enemies, spells, weapons, and so on. Saving: Save frequently. That goes without saying. Save on three occasions- when you pass a level, when you collect a bonus card (see below), and whenever you reach a checkpoint (circle and stylus icon appears briefly in bottom center of screen). All three of these will be retained when next you continue or load your game provided you have saved after getting them. True Sight: Combination night vision and secret detector. Use this in every room, as often as possible. It is the key to revealing puzzle solutions, secret doors, and all kinds of cool stuff (look for a blue symbol). It is your friend. Use it. 3. The Cast. The Good Guys: - John Constantine. The character you play. A badass rogue demon hunter on a mission to redeem his own soul by saving the world from the minions of evil. Whether he's played by Keanu Reeves (as in the movie or this game- it sounds like him anyway, correct me if I'm wrong) or James Marsters (the ideal choice to play him in the comics IMO), this guy kicks ass. - Chaz Kramer. John's sidekick, young twentysomething taxi driver and nice guy. My alter-ego...oh wait, he's not in the game, just the movie and comics. Lousy plot-writers. Never mind. - Beeman. Scholar, demonologist, friend to Constantine. Expert on the occult. - Father Hennessey. Another friend of John's. Also a demon hunter. - Angela Dodgson. Police detective, love interest for John, extremely hot girl played by Rachel Weisz in the movie. She also has a dark secret and cursed connection to the demons. Play the game to find out what. - Papa Midnite. Voodoo priest, club owner, and another friend of Constantine. - Thomas Elriu. Half-breed angel, janitor, and guardian of a mysterious artifact the demons want. The Bad Guys: - Lucifer. The Devil himself, boss of all demons, the king of hell, the prince of darkness, Mr. Beast, Fallen Angel, the... well, you get the idea. - Mammon. The Son of Satan. Major jerk who wants to exceed his father's evilness by creating Hell on Earth. The final boss of this game. - Balthazar. A powerful half-breed demon who's been around for thousands of years. A jerk who has killed many of Constantine's friends and major thorn in his side. Boss of the third-to-last level. Voiced by Gavin Rossdale. - Gabriel. Renegade angel who thinks helping Mammon's plans will make humanity more able to reach enlightenment. Yeah, whatever. She is the second-to-last boss of the game. Voiced by Tilda Swinton (Christopher Walken has also played a similar role before). - Kan-Gore. Satan's Pet Dragon. Big, fire-breathing, and very tough. Guardian of the Library of Hell. - Vermin Demon. A gross creature made up of slime, rats, centipedes, spiders, snakes, flies, and other nasty critters. Uses vile magic. The first boss you face. - Vermin. Rats. No more, no less. - Scavengers. Your basic misshapen humanoid demon troops. All do melee attacks and nothing else. All are excellent jumpers also. They come in four types- Crawlers (little scuttling ones who can walk on walls and ceilings), Scouts (small ones who run around slashing), Soldiers (mid-size, most common type), and Warriors (big claws, hard armored skin, nasty dispostion). - Half-Breeds. Demons in human form. Splash holy water on them to make them show their true face. You can also use true sight to tell them apart from innocent people (who you cannot and should not hurt though there is no game penalty). In human form, they will punch and use guns, as demons they will use dark magic. - Bile-Riz. These demons are little head/spine/arm thingies who crawl around on the ground seeking out dead bodies to possess. Use Exorcism or stomp on them to kill them. - Hosts- The dead bodies possessed by Bile-Riz. You can spot them by their glowing heads. Use melee attacks. Beat them up to dislodge the Bile-Riz, which you can then kill. Or just use Exorcism to kill both demon and host at once. - Sepulvites. Flying demons. Throw fireballs. Shoot at them to kill them. Watch out when they near death, they will try to go kamikaze on you. Best to step out of the way quick. - Impalers. Big demon. Uses spiked arms as melee attacks and charges at you. Only vulnerable at the glowing spot on its back. Shoot it there to kill it. - Cleavers. Fast-moving demons who have katana-arms they can use to slash and parry. Also throw spikes. - Bastados. Two-headed demons who can spit green fire, teleport, and generally pose a nuisance. Thankfully quite easy to kill with any weapon. - Behemoths. Big three-headed armored demons. Use stomp and spike melee attacks and can draw you to them with waves of force. They count as bosses. Only vulnerable in their head areas. 4. Arsenal. Here's all the good stuff. Weapons, spells, etc. Primary Weapons: - Knuckleduster. Always equipped by default. Golden knuckles covered in holy symbols fit for punching out demon scum. - Witch's Curse. A pistol that fires stones from the road to Damascus. If you remember the story of Paul, you can probably guess how effective they will be against demons. Can be upgraded with dual-wield and richochet shot capability. - Crucifier. Machine gun firing nails used to crucify martyrs. Very cool weapon. The nails are not only effective, they can be picked up and reused. Can be upgraded with ricochet, flaming, and explosive nails. - Dragon's Breath. Flamethrower. Uses flasks as ammo. Very effective against tough-to-hurt demons. - Holy Shotgun. Find the three pieces of this on the first level and after beating the first two bosses. Very cool weapon with a wide spread of fire. Effective against all demons, especially Half-Breeds. - Purger. Crossbow forged by the Celtic God of Death. Fires reusable bodkins (another name for bolts). Very effective against Sepulvites. Secondary Weapons: - Holy Water Bombs. These do light damage when they hit a demon. Throw these on a Half-Breed to reveal its true form and make it more vulnerable to damage. - Amityville Screech Beetle. Stun grenade. Paralyzes demons temporarily. You can pick it up and reuse it after throwing. A lifesaver. Use True Sight to find it quickly after you throw. - Shroud of Moses. A very powerful area-effect holy smart bomb. Wipes out all demons in its blast radius. Very rare. - Spear of Destiny. The weapon that slew Jesus Christ. Melee object wielded by the main villain from the fantasy series Roar, BJ Blascowitz, and now John Constantine. :) You use it only once in the game (in the final battle). Spells: - Gateway. Use this to travel to Hell when standing in a pool of water. Very little mana cost. You'll be using this often. - True Sight. Use this to see secret doors and puzzle solutions. No mana cost. You have to use it to complete the game. - Stormcrow. Invoke the name of Gandalf and call lightning down on your enemies! Medium mana cost. Very useful. - Exorcism. Kills Bile-Riz and Hosts in one shot. Medium mana cost. Useful only when fighting Bile-Riz. - Hunger. Creates a cloud of flies to annoy demons and damage them a little. Medium mana cost. Useful now and then. - Protection. Protective shield, temporary invincibility, yada yada yada. High mana cost. Useful against big demons and swarms. - Confusion. Cast this on a demon to create an illusion that will make other demons think it's you and go after their buddy. High mana cost. I never found it that useful. - Gargoyle. Turns demons into stone statues temporarily. You can then shatter the statues with one shot. High mana cost. Very cool. - Demon Leech. This spell will create a temporary shield that causes all demon attacks that hit you to reflect back and damage the demons. Very powerful and useful with a high mana cost. The only way to damage Balthazar. Other Items: - Water. The element which brings life. Grab it to refill your Flask of Enlightenment and your life bar. Blue bottles give a little, Green bottles more, and faucets hold an infinite supply. You can also use pools of water to travel to Hell and once in Hell you can find glowing water ampoules to get back to Earth. - Voodoo Dolls. Refill your mana, also help you drain more magic from demons. - Bonus Cards. Get these to unlock concept art, making-of movies, comic covers, and other secrets. Save once you find one and you will not have to find it again. Note- I'm just putting down where these are, not which one does what. I'm personally not sure. I also am far from collecting them all. If anyone knows where some I've missed are, please tell me. If anyone's curious as to the number of these on each level, the first level has none, the next four six each, the next eight levels each have twelve, the two levels after that have six, and the next two levels have twelve each again. - Charms and Relics. Glowing red or green icons. These raise your life and magic bars' maximum levels respectively. 5. Walkthru Level-by-Level. Note- I will try to cover all of each level's secrets, nooks, and crannies. If I miss something, though, and I probably will, email me if you know it please. I want to get all the bonuses and upgrades marked in here that I can- even if you must start your game over to save your progress to include the latter. Let me say here that I think this game did a very good job capturing the dark Gothic feel with its hellish graphics, enemy tactics, and creepy sounds. I hope you appreciate it as much as I did. And one more thing, this FAQ contains SPOILERS for movie and game alike. Now on with the show. Level 1: Hellblazer. Watch the opening cutscene, which should look familiar if you've seen the movie. Afterwards, you will begin the game in Beeman's apartment, in control of John. Beeman will tell you you need to go to Hell to retrieve the pieces of the Holy Shotgun. Before doing so, check out your journal. Note that you start the game with the Witch's Curse pistol, Knuckleduster, and Flask of Enlightenment. You also know the True Sight and Gateway spells. Draw your pistol with the fire button. Walk around the apartment, taking note of the sink- it can be used to refill your Flask of Enlightenment and help keep up your health. An infinite amount of healing can be gleaned from it. Turn on the record player in the back bedroom for some appropriate mood music. Also pick up the stones (pistol ammo) from the table). When you're ready step into the pool of spilled water and cast the spell by pressing the prompted buttons. Dum da dum dum... Dum da dum dum.... Welcome to Hell. Nice atmosphere, huh? Don't worry, the fire isn't lethal unless specifically mentioned herein. The demons, though, are trouble. Basic combat tutorial- shoot demons that are at a distance from you quickly before they attack you. If they get close, use quick melee attacks to knock them down. If they grab you, melee attacks will shake them off. Keep your eyes open for enemies appearing all around, some by jumping in or gating in behind you. If you get hurt, drink from your Flask of Enlightenment to heal. Shoot the Scavenger Soldier that immediately comes at you here and let the Scouts run off, they're no threat for now. Explore the streets around you, blasting or kicking any more Scouts or Soldiers that you see. At the beginning, head right around the burning cars and flame pit. Pick up the two boxes of stones and shoot the demons that come towards you. Soldiers and Scouts are the only types you meet this early and they are both easy to kill with a single blast of your pistol or a quick melee combo. Ignore the flying cars, screams, and exploding manholes- they're just for effect. Turn around quickly when prompted, a Soldier is sneaking up behind you. Proceed, grabbing the stones under the overhang, and blast more Soldiers. Ahead, a ball of fire will convienently destroy a car blocking your path. Get the green water bottle and stones in the street, then take out the Scout and Soldier. Head right to your first Checkpoint. Approach the half-busted out door to the left of the wall and move towards it. John will climb over automatically. Blast a Scout and Soldier, get the stones, then head down the corridor and blast the two Soldiers who break through the wall. Head through the hole they made. Grab another six packs of stones from the side rooms, shoot another Soldier, then head up the stairs. Head through the hall, and watch a fireball blow a hole in the floor. Shoot the Soldier that jumps over it, then move towards the hole to jump it yourself. Get the green water bottle, then round the corner to find three more Soldiers and a Scout. If the latter grabs you, use melee attacks to shake it off. After blasting the demons, move forward along the hallway jumping the gap. Go down through the next gap to return to the street. Another Soldier is waiting. Head down the indicated path, opened by the flying car, and kill three more Soldiers. Your path ahead is blocked by a school bus, so turn into the building next door. Two Soldiers are inside. There's also a green water bottle under the stairs and two boxes of stones at the top of the stairs. On the second floor, head through the hallway and then out onto the roof to find the dual-wield upgrade for your pistol. A Sepulvite will then swoop down and grab you- can't stop him- and fly you around Hell to show you the sights. After the credits roll, you will be dropped into a room with the first Holy Shotgun piece and a horde of Soldiers. Shoot your way through the demons, who come in neverending supply, and grab the shotgun piece with the action button. John will immediately escape Hell with it by shattering a Water Ampoule. Congratulations- You just beat the first level. :) Level 2: Finding Hennessey. Watch the cutscene. John is relaxing at Papa Midnite's bar when a call comes in for him. A half-breed angel named Thomas Elriuu has been savagely murdered and Father Hennessey wants you to meet him at the scene. Head down the alley initially, drawing your pistol. A bonus card is beside the loading doors directly across from your starting position. Climb the fence without barbed wire on the top (you can't get over those fences, only the normal chain-link ones) by walking into it. Rats (aka Vermin) appear out of the overturned trash cans and dumpster on the other side. Stomp on them with a melee attack as they swarm towards you, they move too fast to be shot one by one. After all are dead, climb the dumpster next to the wall to cross into the parking lot. A bonus card is beside the garage next to the wall. In the open garage are two blue water bottles, two boxes of stones, and another bonus card. The car alarms you set off by getting them are merely for atmosphere...NOT! Scavenger Soldiers suddenly jump out, pushing a van towards you and blowing up another two cars. You can dodge the van by approaching it slowly and letting it go by, then moving ahead. Kill the three Soldiers (two may have jumped behind you) and then go up the ladder in the last open garage. Its access door slams behind you once you reach the top. Explore the roof to take out two more Soldiers, then jump down through the little gap into the back alley. Checkpoint. A bonus card is by the closed gate at the end of the alley. Get it and save before you go through the window that is rudely knocked open as you head down. Now climb through that window to face a large group of Soldiers savagely menacing an old lady. The lights go out briefly, use True Sight for night vision. Against large groups of demons like this, it's best to aim quick and true, shooting them before they reach you. If any get close, beat them back with melee attacks. When John makes a quip, you know they're all dead. Two boxes of stones are at the end of the hallway. Turn right and go through the barred door to reach another rooftop. Checkpoint. Grab the bonus card to the right of the stairs as you enter, then approach and climb through the broken window. The warehouse ahead holds three blue water bottles and a Scout. Head across the upper floor, then down the stairs to find another two Scouts. Beat them, then head under the stairs (you crouch automatically) for another bonus card in the dark area. The cooler in the office at the bottom of the stairs has an infinite water supply for your Flask of Enlightenment. Head through the double doors to complete the level. Level 3: Elriuu's Apartment. Cutscene. You meet up with Henessey and learn more of the half-breed Elriuu's murder. You now have to sneak into the dead man's apartment while Henessey distracts the cops. Henessey also teaches you the Stormcrow spell. When the level starts, you're back in the alleyway next to two blue bottles of water. Move forward and you're facing a group of Scavenger Soldiers. Cast the Stormcrow spell as prompted by pushing the button combination that lights up quickly before the meter runs out or you are attacked. Stay still after casting it to keep doing the spell and do more damage. You will easily take them all out and learn the value of this awesome magic. Draw your weapon and proceed. There are two boxes of stones directly ahead of you and a bonus card in the corner to the left. To the right is a serpentine alley path with two more boxes of stones. As you approach the apartment building, several more Soldiers jump out. Shoot or beat them down- it's easier in these tight quarters than spellcasting. When prompted, approach the fire escape ladder and climb it. Now scale the fire escape jumping between railings and using ladders. At the top you'll find Elriuu's apartment living room. A bonus card is behind the couch. Move through the apartment collecting two boxes and another bonus card in the study. In the bedroom there is a blue symbol on the wall only visible with True Sight. Move up to it and press the action button to move along the wall into a hidden nook with a green glowing Charm that increases your health bar's maximum level permanently. Back in the hallway you can find more stones in the kitchen and blue water bottles inside the fridge. Another bonus card is in the hall closet. Finally check out the bathroom. You'll find stones and two Holy Water Bomb pickups. This new weapon will be quite useful. You may also notice a rather obvious recessed panel in the wall- True Sight confirms a secret room is present. Use the action button to open the panel and enter the room. You will find a bonus card and a key to the apartment's front door. Take it and move to that door. Checkpoint. Use the action button to unlock the door and you'll be in the hall. You immediately spot two cops, one of whom is down. The other's coming after you! Time for your first fight with a demon Half-Breed. These guys start out in human form when they can punch or fire a pistol. Hit them enough with shots or melee attacks and they will assume their true demon form and shoot waves of dark magic. Stay back and throw a Holy Water Bomb at the foe to get him into his demon form initially- he's much more vulnerable in that form. The water also stuns him temporarily, so shoot quickly. After gunning the demon down, grab the bonus card in the hallway behind you. Now head over to the elevator and you'll meet up with two (normal) cops and Hennessey. In the cutscene, you learn more about Thomas Elriuu, note a strange symbol on his apartment wall, and find out you need to visit the basement. Okay, let's head down there. Level 4: Elriuu's Basement. Okay, it's obvious something knows you're here and is setting up eerie lighting and electrical backfirage to confuse you. Strange. Draw your weapon (you have to do this at the start of every level, load, or continue. It is annoying, I know), then exit the elevator. Examine the initial laundry room you're in to find a cooler for refilling your Flask and a dark closet door. Check out the room behind it with True Sight and move the indicated shelf to find a new weapon- the Amityville Screech Beetle. This new secondary weapon will stun demons temporarily and you can then pick it up again and reuse it (use True Sight to find it quickly after a toss). Some rats will come out now, so stomp them down. Then return to the laundry room and move past the ransacked office into the hallway. Take the first turn and you'll note a door above you with some damaged stairs in the way. Grab hold of the nearby dumpster with the action button and move it over to form a step you can use to climb up there. Get the bonus card behind the dumpster and then climb to the indicated door. Hmm, locked. Okay, move back to the hallway and head down it past the (also locked) power room and into a hallway with clothes hanging by the heating pipes. Checkpoint. You will be in a room where four sections of floor collapse as you approach them. Jump down the holes and you'll be in a sewer area. Stones are to your left. Approach and climb over the fence in front of you. In this little looping area you can find more stones, blue water bottles, and a trio of bonus cards. There are also some Soldiers and a new type of Scavenger- the Crawler. These things are smaller than Scouts but take more hits to kill. They also jump around a lot and can walk on the ceiling upside down. Shoot them if you see them up there. When you're done exploring all the corners climb the fence at the other end to return to the initial room. Head up the ramp and then the stairs through two barred doors to reach the Pump Room. In the lockers here are stones and a Crawler who will jump out and grab onto you. Beat him off with melee attacks. Now grab the Workshop Key. Use the faucet to refill your Flask, then hop over the crates and door to find yourself back in the room with the collapsing floor areas. Some Soldiers and Crawlers are waiting for you. After dealing with them, take note of the loose cables blocking your path ahead. You will need to cut the power to proceed. To the right of the cables is a pallet with some small boxes and a bonus card. Return carefully through the collapsing floor room to the room where you moved the dumpster. Now you can open that locked door above it and enter Elriuu's Workshop. Inside you can find a trio of lockers containing Holy Water Bombs and a new weapon- the Crucifier. This rapid-fire machine gun is good for demon-blasting and best of all you can pick up and reuse the nails it fires. Ammo for the pistol is for now more plentiful though. You will also find a strange note left by Elriuu referring to an artifact called the "Sangre de Dio" that you must now find before the demons. Some strange symbols are there also. After taking note of them, you hit a Checkpoint. Grab the stones and nails on the shelves, then open the floor grate to drop into the Power Room. Grab the Generator Door Key, then hit the switch on the Generator to cut the power. Unlock the door and return to the room with the collapsing floor areas past Soldiers, Crawlers, and Vermin. You will now be able to move past the loose cables. Unfortunately, there's a dead end there. So you will need to stand in the water and use the Gateway Spell to visit Hell. Blast the Soldier and Crawler awaiting you, then move thru the strangely familiar room avoiding the flame pits. Stones and a green water bottle are across it. In the pump room are more of the same and a bonus card. Another Soldier-Crawler pair attacks as you exit. Now move through the hole in the wall to the right of where you came in. Get the glowing Water Ampoule at the end to return to Earth and complete the level. Level 5: Sangre de Dio. You find yourself back in the apartment basement. Equip the pistol and move down the hallway. A steam room is the first room you come to. Use a stop-and-go technique to get past the steam coming out of the leaky pipes- it does hurt. Get the bonus card to your left, then head straight across the room dodging each steam pipe in turn. A glowing red Relic is at the end- get it to permanently up your mana bar. Head down the corridor. Four Soldiers bust out of a room ahead. Deal with them, then enter. Hmm, flames. Grab the Holy Water, stones, and nails in the lockers; then use the valve to cut off the flames blocking your way. Head down the next corridor through a gate. In the room ahead, Bile-Riz demons show up to possess the dead bodies on the floor. Shoot or punch these Hosts to knock them down and dislodge the Bile-Riz (a red upper torso demon) which you then should quickly stomp before it finds another body to inhabit. Soldiers and Scouts leap down from above after the Bile-Riz are killed. Deal with all of them and then get the Stones, Nails, and Blue Water Bottles around the room. A bonus card is next to the furnace. Now head through the gate. Checkpoint! In the next room you can find more Blue Water and a cop who runs down the corridor screaming "He's got my weapon!" He knocks you down (no damage) and locks the gate behind you. Take out the rats that were chasing him (geez, how did this guy ever get on the force?) and then turn two corners to find another armed Half-Breed. Deal with this joker, then check the dark room behind him for stones and a bonus card. Down the corridor ahead, a book with the Exorcism spell falls through the ceiling. This spell is useful because it kills Bial-Riz and Host in one shot. Use it on the Bial-Riz that appears and then smack the Soldier that comes out of the door ahead. In the room where he was are nails, stones, a faucet, and Holy Water. Head further down the corridor and some Vermin come out of a pipe. Stomp them, then pick up the Voodoo Doll on the boxes to restore your mana. Ahead, two Half-Breeds break out of a room to your left. These guys are a bit easier to kill because they are unarmed. Beat them and then get the stones and nails in their room before heading on. The corridor comes to a dead end with more nails so head back to the last dark room and activate True Sight. You can now move down this dark corridor and grab more stones. A Scout and Crawler also will try to impede your progress. Once you're back in the light, search the corner in the hallway for another bonus card and then head back to the large cistern room to deal with three unarmed Half-Breeds looking for the Sangre de Dio. You can use the Crucifier to deal with them more effectively- just back up and shoot quickly. After this battle you may want to head back to the last faucet to refill your Flask before you proceed. In the Cistern Room are more nails, stones, and two bonus cards- one on the red file boxes left of the door and another at the top of the dead-end stairway. Now move the crate below the blue symbol visible in True Sight. In the corridor behind it is another faucet. Checkpoint! Head into the boarded-up room at the end of the corridor to spot the Sangre de Dio behind a mystic circle. Around it you can find more stones, nails, and a screech beetle. To free the Sangre de Dio, you must now step on the tiles around it in a certain order. Doing it wrong will force you to start over and possibly summon Crawlers, Soldiers, or Scouts. The correct order is on the "strange note left by Thomas Elriuu" in your journal. You can also use True Sight to see the symbol you need to hit lit up inside the Circle. After you hit all eight in the correct order, you score a Checkpoint. After deactivating the circle get the strange spear it was protecting. This brings on your first boss- the Vermin Demon! This guy shoots out clouds of flies to bite you and can also smack you. To hurt him you must use several shots or melee attacks to knock him into his component creatures, which you can then stomp before they rejoin. Stay away from the central slimeball while the demon is reconstituting itself- that can steal damage you. If he grabs you use melee attacks to make him put you down. You may find the Screech Beetle useful to stun the demon so you can smack it without getting smacked back or grabbed- just remember to pick it up afterwards. If you have trouble finding where you tossed it use True Sight. After beating the Vermin Demon, get the second piece of the Holy Shotgun he drops upon death to finish the level. Level 6: Edward Crowley Memorial Library. Hmm, I wonder who Edward Crowley was. In any case, you start off with a cutscene in which Beeman tells you he doesn't know much about the symbol you found in Elriuu's apartment or the spearhead. To get more information you must consult the Naissance de Demoniac, an ancient text found only in Hell's Library. You then begin the level in the Library's earthly echo. Draw your weapon (I started off with pistol) and use the cooler to your left to refill your Flask and life bars. Checkpoint. Now enter the Library. In the central hub, note a spellbook in the enclosed room below you. A bonus card is on the checkout desk. The only way to proceed is down the hallway marked "Public Records." Head through some ominous rooms with falling bookcases and a chandalier- just stay back and wait till they fall to avoid them. Soon you reach a Checkpoint. Hmm, where is everybody? Head up to the top of the stairs to find another water cooler. Then get off on on the second floor and head through the open gate. Push all three busts through the floor here to open holes in the floor below you. Now you can access that enclosed room with the spellbook you saw earlier. Head back to it, through the now-open gate on the first floor. You'll take some damage in the fall but your Flask should be full so that's okay. On the shelves surrounding the spellbook are some stones and a bonus card. Shoot out the glass case and grab the spellbook. You will learn the Hunger spell, which creates a cloud of flies that stun and feed on demons. Useful. Try it out on the Half-Breed who confronts you, and then head through the double doors. In the room with the fireplace ahead you can find more stones, nails, and Blue Water. A big dragon head lunges out of the fireplace and knocks you down if you go for the latter- thankfully this isn't too damaging. Head through the hall back to the central hub, cross through the Public Records areas to the stairs and visit the cooler at the top. Then return to the room where you dropped the busts. Check out the double door left of the entry stairs to find the IT Lab. Inside is a bonus card. You can also see in True Sight a blue symbol above a bookshelf. Pull a book on that shelf and you can find a secret room where there's a Charm to increase your life bar and the Flaming Nails upgrade. Your Crucifier shots will now stick in an enemy and continue to do damage- cool. :) Return to the central hub and move to the next double door. It dead-ends at another set, so grab the bonus card on the table and return to the hallway marked "Reading Room" and head down that way. Two unarmed Half-Breeds are waiting. After beating them grab the stones and nails, then move the big table next to the bookshelf with the bonus card atop it. Climb up and grab that card. Now move the table to the shelf beside the locked doors. Shoot out the glass above the shelf, then climb up and over. In this next two rooms are a pool of water and a cooler. First move the table in the cooler room over to the shelf next to the door where you came in, then go back to the water pool and open a Gateway to Hell. You are greeted by a Crawler, smack it and then head into the room where you just moved the table. Note it's in the same exact spot in Hell as where you left it on Earth. Climb up and grab the bonus card, then use the Water Ampoule. You should also have hit a Checkpoint. Thanks to Sue_Aside for this next bit! Back in the cooler room, use the cooler and then move the table over to the bookshelf you climbed over to get in here. Return to Hell and hop over the table and bookshelf. You will find a bonus card and a Shroud of Moses guarded by Crawlers and Soldiers. This new secondary weapon is a smart bomb that wipes out all demons in its blast radius. Very useful. Climb back over the shelf and hit the Water Ampoule. Now return to Earth and move the table over by the door beneath the symbol visible in True Sight. Go back to Hell through the pool of water and you should be able to get over the broken door in your way now. Stones and nails are in the room before it, more nails after it. In the central hub ahead you meet an enemy you've actually met before, just not fought- Seplavites. These flying demons throw fireballs at you and to get them you will need a fast accurate weapon. I used the pistol to line up and shoot each one two or three times. Step side to side quickly to dodge their fireballs. When a Seplavite is close to death it will try a kamikaze dive at you- sidestepping usually works to avoid that too. Kill the two Seplavites, then enter the central hub to find stones and nails. Two Soldiers bust out of a room- deal with them. The first corridor you pass in the hub is a dead end, but at the end there is a bonus card and Green Water. Get them, then return to the hub and head into the room the Soldiers exited and through the tunnel in there. At the end is the Dragon's Breath flamethrower. This awesome weapon will incinerate any demon it touches you. Use it on the swarm of Scouts coming at you from the IT Lab. In the rooms ahead are flasks(flamethrower ammo) and nails. There's also another Scout swarm to incinerate. Head for the staircase at the end and climb over the broken gate. Downstairs are more flasks, a Green Water Bottle, nails, and a bonus card. Upstairs are nails, stones, and another bonus card. Go upstairs after getting them all and hit the Water Ampoule. Checkpoint! Back on Earth move onto the Library's 3rd floor. In the central hub are stones, nails, and a bonus card. Also some dead bodies. The double doors are locked and there's another screech beetle next to the elevator. Thanks again to Sue_Aside for mentioning the True Sight symbol in here. Pull another book under it and you reveal a room with a Relic, another bonus card, and the Ricochet Stones upgrade. Your pistol shots will now bounce off walls a la Revolver Ocelot's. Head down the bloody corridor marked "Study Room." You'll find more dead bodies, nails, stones, flasks, a cooler, and Holy Water. In the room at the end are more nails and the key to that locked double door back in the central hub. Head back there- on the way, deal with three Bile-Riz. In the central hub there are four Soldiers and two Scouts. Unlock the double doors and head down the hall to a room with more flasks, nails, and Blue Water. Get them, then use the pool of water to go back to Hell. Checkpoint! You are now faced with the Scavenger Warrior, a larger and tougher version of the Soldier. Beat it down and take note of the Water Ampoule if you need a quick retreat back to Earth to refill your Flask or ammo. Head down the hall to the central hub and shoot more Soldiers and Warriors. Nails and stones await, and a Green Water beside the elevator shaft. Climb up this shaft to the 4th Floor. Checkpoint and time for a Boss Fight! It's Kan-Gore, the dragon you may have spotted earlier. He stands in the middle of the central hub spitting fireballs at you. Dodge his shots with sidesteps like you did with the Seplavites. To hurt him you need to shoot his open mouth. Equip your pistol at the beginning and aim at his head. Sidestep to dodge a few fireballs and he will rear back and roar. When his head comes down he will be spitting a stream of flame right at you. Stand still to lure him, aim at his head and start shooting once your sight turns green. If you're quick enough you can stun and damage the dragon and dodge his fire. Also note- you don't want to get too close to the edge of the hole Kan-Gore made. If you do, he will snap at you and cause serious damage. There are stones and nails nearby and a Green Water on the edge of the pit. Stun Kan-Gore by damaging him first if you need the latter, then grab it quickly. After you get him two or three times the dragon will start knocking out walls around you and widening the battlefield. The first time he exposes more stones and another Green Water close to the edge. Keep fighting him- he will now spit more fireballs before doing the stream flame move where you can easily shoot him. Two more hits and he will knock out more walls, further widening the battlefield. He now adds a move to his flame-spurt routine where he bashes the floor with his head and knocks you down. This is quite damaging, but can be dodged as easily as the fireballs. As before wait for him to rear back and then blast him as he comes forward. Two more hits and he knocks out even more walls around you. Now he's going to stop doing the rear-back move, so switch to the Crucifier. Aim at his head while dodging fireballs and head-butts and shoot him when the sight goes green. Kan-Gore may also duck his head down, but remember- if his life bar is still stocked he is not going away! Just keep back and he will pop up again sooner or later. When he does resume shooting him. When he finally falls gather the ammo and Green Water around the room as needed and then get the glowing book on the pedestal- it's what you came for. The wall then collapses and you can pick up the final piece of the Holy Shotgun. A screech beetle is next to the pedestal if you've lost yours. Now grab the Water Ampoule to escape Hell in the nick of time as Kan-Gore lunges up again. Whew! Down boy! :) Level 7: Mortuary. Cutscene. Beeman will translate the book you retrieved, but he needs time. Meanwhile, you need to meet Henessey at the Mortuary for a look at Elriuu's body. After the rather ominous beginning, head towards the open loading dock door. A bonus card is to the left of it. Note that you now have in your possession the Holy Shotgun. This awesome weapon has a wide range of fire and can decimate any demon that gets close to you, Half-Breeds especially. Ammo for it is scarce at the moment though, so equip pistol or Crucifier. Head through the loading doors around the parked ambulance. A cooler is beside the dead security guard. Head through the plastic strips and then the double doors. You are confronted by another dead security guard, possessed by a Bile-Riz. Shoot or exorcize him. Behind his desk are nails and a bonus card. In the next room note the bodies on the gurneys. As you cross three of them rise up as Bile-Riz. Take care of them and proceed. In the hall around the corner is another bonus card on the ground beside a fallen shelf on wheels. Get it, then enter the double doors marked "LA Dept. of Coroner" (the other set is locked). In this room three more Bile-Riz come out of the morgue drawers. Stay back and you should be able to Exorcize at least one of them. Shoot/stomp the others and grab the flasks on the gurney. Equip your flamethrower and enter the next room to find two Scouts feeding on a body. A third jumps you from behind. Shake it off and zap/stomp all three of them, then get the Bonus Card in the nook behind you. Proceed and shoot out the glass window. Jump through into a dark room and kick down four more Scouts that ambush you. When the lights come back on, search the room for some shotgun shells. Head through the double doors to a Checkpoint. In this hall grab the stones and bonus card behind the overturned gurney. As you proceed you note that flames are blocking the way ahead and you will need to turn on the sprinklers. First, though, deal with the burning Bile-Riz who comes out of the flames at you. Stay back from him as much as possible and beat him down quickly. Now proceed around the flames by the cremators and down the hall to a locked double door. You pass a room where a doctor and nurse are having a conversation. Use True Sight to deduce that the nurse is a Half-Breed! Blast her and get the key she drops. Search the room further for nails and a bonus card. Leave the doctor behind and go unlock the fire control room. Grab the relic to up your magic bar and then use the valve to activate the sprinklers. Return to the cremator room. Check out the now-open tunnel and at the other end you'll find Holy Water, a bonus card, and a Charm to increase your life bar maximum. Return through the cremator room and head down the hall that flames were blocking earlier. Beside the dead security guard is another bonus card. Use the water cooler and then call the elevator to your level. When it arrives, so does a new type of demon- the Impaler. These guys can poke you with their spike-arms and charge at you to knock you over. Worse, their only vulnerable spot is a glowing area on the back. Shooting them anywhere else has no effect whatsoever. Fortunately there is an easy way to beat them- throw down the Screech Beetle as soon as the creature appears. While it's paralyzed walk behind it and blast the glowing spot. One or two shots and it's gone. Retrieve your Screech Beetle and climb up the elevator shaft. Checkpoint. On the second floor, check out the initial room. To your left is a bonus card behind an overturned gurney. Proceed through the double doors to the locker room and immediately step back as the windows break around you. Outside three Seplavites are flying around. Shoot them down with your pistol or Crucifier. Inside the room are stones, a bonus card, and three bottles of Blue Water. Move through the double doors and beat off an assault of four Crawlers. Through the only unlocked set of double doors ahead is a familiar face- Hennessey. He gives you a key to the lab and explains it contains Elriuu's body. Checkpoint. Search the room with Hennessey to find another bonus card between the two left couches. A Seplavite comes in through the skylight- blast it. Advance past the cooler and notice the Impaler waiting behind the double doors. Take care of it as before with the Screech Beetle. Also cap the four Crawlers that drop from the ceiling. Inside the room you'll find stones, Holy Water Bombs, shotgun shells, and a bonus card beside the gurney right of the exit. Head through the double doors that open at your approach and you'll be in the lab. Checkpoint. In the two rooms here are stones and nails. Hack the glowing computer to learn Elriuu's body has been moved to the Bio-Hazard Area. Hack it again after the cutscene to get the Protection Spell, which when cast bestows temporary invincibility. Now you need to deal with the Crawler and Bile-Riz that have snuck in behind you. Exit the lab and Hennessey runs up to tell you "They're coming!" Then he gets taken out by an Impaler. Avenge him and then head back towards the elevator you passed on the way here. Another Impaler attacks as you near it. Take it out, making sure to retrieve your Beetle, then go through the now open doorway to a cutscene. Constantine finds Elriuu's body and through a Speak With Dead spell learns the identity of his murderer- the powerful Half-Breed Balthazar! Then two cops and Angela show up to arrest you. That completes this level. Level 8: 13th Precinct House. Cutscene. As Angela questions Constantine he notices a mark on her that matches the symbol seen earlier in Elriuu's apartment. She doesn't know how she got it. Uh oh. Then demons bust into the station and Angela runs off to fight them- time for a hellish remake of Assault on Precinct 13!! Grab your artifacts off the table in front of you and get ready. Two Soldiers bust into the room almost immediately. Head into the first hall. Ahead of you is a cooler and a bonus card by the locked double doors. Two cops get killed by the demons as you proceed- no way to stop it. After grabbing the bonus, turn and face two more Soldiers. Head down the other bend in the hall and two more Soldiers emerge from a conference room. Cap them and get the shotgun shells inside. The room also goes dark as soon as you have them and you are ambushed by a Soldier and a Warrior. Take care of them and head back down the hall. In the lineup viewing room at the end are Blue Water and Holy Water. As soon as you grab these turn around, a big squad of Soldiers is coming. Blast them all quickly, then head on into the lineup posing area. You'll find flasks, nails, and a cooler. Open the doors to the squadroom and shoot down the large group of Soldiers and Warriors waiting. For crowd control, the best weapons are the shotgun, flamethrower, and Stormcrow. Use whichever you like best. Inside the squadroom are more Soldiers and near the locked exit doors is a bonus card. Ignore the Impalers killing cops in the two corner offices- the glass is bulletproof and there is no way to get at them. Enter the darkened door and proceed past two more Soldiers to find the evidence locker. Climb over its fence and you can grab a mana-bar-increasing Relic and another bonus card. Return to the squadroom and enter the Captain's Office. Cap the three Soldiers that come up behind you, make sure your Flask is full (if not head back to the last cooler), then enter Hell via the aquarium. Checkpoint. You immediately find the Purger crossbow next to you. This weapon is very effective against Seplavites, five of which attack as soon as you pick it up. Its bolts("bodkins") are also reusuable. Stay in the initial room for cover and shoot down the Seplavites. Two come from the left, one from the right, then two more from the left. You can use the bow if you want, but I found the pistol a little more accurate. Anyway, after they all are dead cast your Protection spell and enter the hellish squadroom. Almost immediately a Behemoth demon will break through the wall and attack you. This Boss Enemy is very big and hard to kill. He uses stomp and spike attacks and can also create a wave of force that will draw you to him so he can grab you and wreak some awful damage. The only way he can be hurt is to shoot one of the fleshy outgrowths ("heads") on him. Two are on his shoulders and one's on his chest. Your shots will reduce the bulges of these but you can still hurt the monster by shooting him there. You can use your Beetle to paralyze him, but a better idea is to equip the Flamethrower and circle-strafe around him zapping the heads. This method will kill him quickly as the Flamethrower's wide spread will generally always be damaging a head area and there is no need for precision aiming. Still move around a lot and be ready to heal. After you kill the monster search the room for bodkins, flasks, stones, shotgun shells, two Green Water bottles, and a bonus card in the center. Check the room the Behemoth came out of for another bonus card, more Green Water and nails, and the Ricochet Nails upgrade. Your Crucifier shots will now bounce off walls toward nearby enemies. Always useful. Head down the corridor that was blasted open after you beat the Behemoth. Warriors and Soldiers come at you as you descend the stairs- Crucify 'em. You pass a room with a bonus card but there's no way to get it. At the bottom of the stairs is a Water Ampoule. Checkpoint! Back on Earth, shoot the two Soldiers and climb over the gate in front of you into the holding area. Note the locked Shower Room in front of you. Turn right into the cells and gun down four Bile-Riz that emerge in the bodies of a cop and three convicts. The first cell on the left holds a bonus card. At the end of this short hall is a locked door, a cooler, and the shower room key. Use the latter to enter the Shower Room and return to Hell. Take out the two Warriors and move into the cell area. Checkpoint! As you explore the cells, more Warriors will attack. Use True Sight to help retrieve your nails after beating them. You can also find nails, shotgun shells, bodkins, and a bonus card in the first few cells you come to. Advance around a corner and you'll be facing Soldiers and a new demon called the Bastado. These guys toss green fireballs and can teleport around- use True Sight to target them more easily. The Crucifier or Shotgun will make short work of one. Keep going and face more, collecting another bonus card as you begin climbing the stairway. On the first landing there's an open door but first go all the way to the top of the stairs. Beside the collapsed area there is a Charm to up your life bar, flasks, a bonus card, and a Shroud of Moses. Most useful. Now head into the corridor you passed. A cave-in seals the area behind you. In the halls ahead are Green Water, shells, stones, and Holy Water. The area is inhabited by Soldiers, Warriors, and another Bastado. An Impaler shows up as you proceed too- use the Screech Beetle to paralyze and then waste him. A bonus card is in the room just behind- this is the one you saw from the stairwell. Keep moving through the corridors and pick up Green Water, then a Water Ampoule. Checkpoint! Use the faucets in the bathroom to refill your Flask, then grab the bonus card by the toilets. Exit into the next corridor. There's only one room to go in and as you enter you see Angela being chased by Soldiers. John provokes them to come after him instead. Grab the Blue Water and ammo, then push the button in the room to open the doors in the outside hallway. Soldiers will rush into your room soon, stay in there and beat them down with Melee attacks. Now advance into the Booking Area to face more Soldiers, Warriors, a Bastado, and a cop (armed Half-Breed). When all are dead the exit door unlocks. Before going through it grab the last bonus card by the Pepsi Machine. Level finished. Level 9: Journey to Papa Midnite's. Cutscene. John calls Beeman and brings him up to date, also learning that Angela's mysterious tat has something to do with the Son of Satan. Uh oh. Time to consult with Papa Midnite. Save, equip the Purger, and head into the initial alley. Three Seplavites swoop down- zap them. Here I found it easy to use the Purger when they stopped to call a fireball. One shot knocks them down. Again True Sight will help you find the bolts to reuse. Around you there is Blue Water in the phone booth, more Blue Water and shotgun shells on the dumpster behind the fence; nails, Holy Water, Blue Water, and bodkins in the truck trailer, and a bonus card by the parked car. Climb over the chainlink fence on the other side of the truck and you'll be facing an Impaler. Head down this next alley to the salvage yard. Another Impaler attacks, accompanied by a big swarm of Crawlers. I recommend the Stormcrow spell. After they're down search the area. You can find a bonus card behind the overturned dumpster, Blue Water, and nails. Shoot out the glass with the True Sight symbol above it, climb over, and check out this room. There is more ammo, a voodoo doll, a bonus card, and a Relic. Back in the main alley, head through the open fence. Checkpoint. It's the Vermin Demon, back for more! Fortunately you have some new tricks to show him. The Flamethrower in particular is very effective at zapping his components while they reform. Take him down, then grab the ammo and Blue Water. Then get the bonus card on the oil drum and climb the ladder. Cross this roof and jump to the next one. A bonus card and Blue Water are on the nearby vent. Jump down into the next alley, trying to land on the dumpster so you are not hurt. A swarm of Scouts and Crawlers attack. Beat them off, then find one more in the van next to some nails. A bonus card is on the nearby windowsill. Checkpoint! Also in this alley are more Crawlers and an Impaler. On the far side is a security monitoring room with two dead guards, nails, Blue Water, and a bonus card. Check the CCTV to take note of an open skylight on the roof of the warehouse next to the van. Climb up there and drop through it. In here are stones and behind the boxes Blue Water, a Charm, a bonus card, and the Explosive Nails upgrade. Your Crucifier shots will now do more damage to an enemy on impact. Don't worry, they're still reusable. Open the garage door to exit back into the alley and deal with two Impalers who've shown up. Two is just as easy to stun as one is with the Screech Beetle. Now climb back up to the roof and push over the wobbly billboard. You can use it as a bridge to jump to the next roof. Head over this rooftop. Warriors ambush you and as you jump to the next rooftop more Warriors and Seplavites. Shoot them down and grab the Blue Water and ammo. Continue across the rooftops, again landing in the dumpster at the end. Checkpoint! In this new alley are another Seplavite and an Impaler. Zap them, then grab the bonus card on the boxes right of where you came in. Another bonus card is behind the open warehouse door. Enter this warehouse and proceed, collecting another bonus card. In the room at the end of the hallway ("Dead End") you must stand in the red circle and summon a Seplavite. The spell combination they don't tell you is Triangle x3 (including the spell initiation), Circle, X x3, Square x2, Triangle. The Seplavite picks you up, flies you over a roof, and drops you off in an alley with ammo and Blue Water. Checkpoint! Head through the gate into the basketball court. You will be attacked by a new demon, the Cleaver. This guy moves very fast and can stab and parry with his katana. He also can throw knives at a distance. I recommend melee attacks and the flamethrower or shotgun. He's just too fast for anything else. After the first one you'll be attacked by two more Cleavers and two Seplavites. Beat them back and collect the bonus card, Blue Water, and shotgun shells. Head through the next gate. There is a bonus card behind the dumpster. Get it and then proceed towards Papa Midnite's tavern. In the cutscene ahead, Papa tells you to go to Hell's Museum to get a Lexicon that can help Beeman translate the book you got from the Library. Balthazar also shows up to talk some smack. After the cutscene you're through with this level. Level 10: Hell's Museum. Okay, time for some serious headache. This level takes place entirely in Hell, and you are not welcome. Draw your Crucifier or shotgun at the beginning and grab the nails, Holy Water, and bonus card. Enter the museum and find Green Water, another bonus card, and bodkins as you head through the first few hallways. Enter the central hub and John assesses that he will have to find three seals to open the door protecting the Lexicon. Then you are attacked by Warriors. Checkpoint. Zap the Warriors and then explore the first floor of this hub. Most of the doors are blocked off but you can find stones, Holy Water, and shotgun shells. Look for a broken window just left of the entrance and climb in. Here there are Green Water, ammo, and a bonus card. Also head up the stairs to the right of the sealed door and you can drop down to collect the other bonus card in this area, which is on a ledge right of the entrance. Green Water is also at the bottom. Climb up the left stairway now and drop down the hole there. You'll end up in a room with the Shroud of Moses prominently displayed. Grab it and retreat immediately. The four Cleavers that appear will be frozen in place if you get back far enough. Finish them at your leisure. You can find ammo, Green Water, a Voodoo Doll, and a bonus card in this room. Exit through the door to end up in the only hallway that is accessible from the central hub at the moment. Checkpoint. Climb over the rubble in here and you'll find Green Water. Past a Bastado and more rubble is the Gallery of the Damned. Here there are two Warriors, ammo, and under a True Sight symbol a secret door. Check out this room and move the block so you can get over the fire. In the hand is the Confusion spell, which allows you to cast an illusion of yourself over a demon so other demons think it's you. I never found this spell too useful, but you might. There's also Green Water, Holy Water, and a bonus card. Return to the Gallery and proceed through the hallway to another room with screaming paintings. Warriors and ammo are waiting. Past here is a Checkpoint. Enter the next room to find the Seal of Lucifer. However, before you step on the switch to release it grab up all the ammo around it. Cast Protection, then equip the flamethrower and Shroud of Moses. As soon as you grab the Seal, that Behemoth statue is going to come to life and attack you. This is so easy to guess that you are a fool if you aren't ready! Use the pillars as cover and waste this guy just as you did the one in the Police Station. When beat he drops a bonus card and the exit door opens. Checkpoint. Head through the next hall, returning to the central hub. On the way are Warriors and bodkins. To exit the door at the end, move the block next to the Green Water. Checkpoint. You are now back in the central hub. Kill the two Cleavers. Go to the sealed door and use the Seal of Lucifer to unlock its first bolt. A fireball will open the door above you on the right stairway. Go up there. Checkpoint. In this hall is a pit that looks too big to jump over. Try jumping it and you will find it is! Instead, press up against the wall to the right and shimmy across the narrow ledge to get to the other side of it. A Cleaver is waiting. Past him is Satan's Flea Market, a room which contains Warriors and ammo. There are a lot of Warriors, so use your Shotgun. On one of the two thrones is a bonus card. Go through the next door and head left. Open the secret panel to find more ammo, Green Water, and a bonus card. Back in the hallway is another big pit. The red vines on the left wall are climbable, so use them to get over this one. Checkpoint. Through the next door is a room with 2 Cleavers, 2 Bastados, and ammo. You can jump the flame pit in the hall past it. Checkpoint. The next room has the Seal of Satan in its center. Unfortunately there is a tough tile combination puzzle protecting it. If you step on the wrong tile, the puzzle resets and you have to fight Warriors, Bastados, Cleavers, or Impalers. A bonus card is in the left corner near the entry door. Ammo and Green Water are scattered around. This puzzle is actually quite easy. Note the four diagrams of the room on the walls. Just examine them in True Sight and they will tell you what tile to push. After you push the fourth correct tile (each panel lights up in turn to show you the next one, you can grab the Seal. Exit the room with it. Checkpoint. In this hallway are ammo and Warriors. Climb over the rubble, get the Green Water, climb more rubble, and you'll end up back in the Central Hub. Kill the Bastado and use the Seal of Satan to unbolt the door protecting the Lexicon. One more to go. Checkpoint. Another door has opened now and as you approach it you'll have to deal with an Impaler. Past the door is more rubble to climb, a Cleaver, and two Warriors. Two Cleavers and two Bastados protect the ammo and Green Water in the next room. Past them, squeeze through the crevice on the left to get past the cave-in. Checkpoint. Ahead is another room with ammo and Green Water, this one protected by four Warriors. Examine the hall past it with True Sight and note the unstable floor ahead of you. Cross it quickly or fall to your doom. On the other side is a Checkpoint. This next room has the Seal of the Devil in it. Two mystic circles are beside it and both must be broken with a heavy object. On the stairways around the room are Green Water, a bonus card, and ammo. To break the Seal's protection, you must move the stone block and shelves in the center of the room. It's easy to do, just approach the block from different angles, climb over it to push form another side, and push the shelves out of the way as necessary. When the block is clear of the rubble, drag it onto one circle and then stand in the other. The Seal is yours. Kill the Seplavites who show up with your Purger. Exit to a Checkpoint. Head down this hall to find two Bastado at the top of the stairs. You can lure them by ducking around the corner behind you and smacking them in the face when they follow. Climb more rubble, get ammo and Green Water, and return to the central hub. Checkpoint. Here you need to use the Seal of the Devil to open the last bolt. Cleavers, a Bastado, Warriors, and an Impaler protect the Lexicon. Beat them and before you grab it get the bonus card in the corner behind it. Grab the Lexicon and you've finished the level. Level 11: 20 Lanes Bowling Alley. Cutscene. John returns home to find Beeman dead, the Spear gone, and Angela waiting. She tells you she has been having weird dreams and wants your help desperately. John translates the book and tells her her mark is the sign of Mammon, the son of Satan himself. Angela is then whisked away by the demons. Punch out the two Warriors who leap in and then you examine the note Beeman left you. Seems he stashed a powerful spell in the building's attic. Let's go and get that, shall we? Pick up the Voodoo Doll, Blue Water and bonus card in the apartment. You can also use the faucet and record player. When you're done head downstairs to the bowling alley. Checkpoint. As you cross the lanes in here, the lights come on and balls start rolling by themselves. Cast Protection and head for the far corner. Equip the Shotgun or Crucifier and get ready- a league of Warriors just came in to play. After they're done, another team gates in, this one composed of Cleavers and Bastados. After all are done, you can search the lanes area to find nothing and the video arcade to find an area where you can put your back to the wall and slip down a corridor. A Relic, ammo, and a bonus card wait here. Return to the bowling alley and head through the newly open door on the far side from where you came in. A cooler is in here, so refill your Life bar. You're going to need to. Checkpoint. Proceed down this hallway, staying on guard. Near the locked fire exit to your left are two boxes of shotgun shells. Two Warriors attack from in front and another gates in behind you as you approach the stairs. Upstairs in the next corridor is the locked door to the Superior Clothing Company. Move the box over in front of it and then shoot out the glass above it with your pistol. Hop over to reach a Checkpoint. In this room you have three doors to enter. Check the storage room directly across from you first and slide along the wall where indicated by the True Sight symbol. You find a bonus card and some ammo. Back in the main room, check the restroom area. The scared woman is human and poses no threat. You can use the faucets to refill your Flask. Now enter the office and stomp some Vermin. Afterwards move the cabinet and proceed into another storage area. In here are ammo, three Crawlers, and a bonus card at the very end on a shelf. Shoot out the windows with your pistol and proceed onto the Fire Escape. Checkpoint. As you head along the Fire Escape it starts collapsing, so run to the end quickly. Let any pursuing Warriors fall to their deaths. At the end kill any who are still after you and shoot out the window, then enter. Checkpoint. More Warriors, Crawlers, and Cleavers await in this hall. In it you can find ammo and a bonus card next to a water cooler. Fill your Flask, then exit the corridor via the yellow door. As before you will need to push a box up to it and shoot out the glass above with your pistol. Beyond is level 2 of the Garment Factory. It is staffed by Bastados and Warriors. Blast them and grab a bonus card on the crates. Through the door up ahead is an Impaler. Get him, then continue forward to find another two Impalers laying off some workers. Ice them and the Crawlers hanging out on the ceiling. Proceed into the next room and you get a cutscene where John chats with an angel. His blessing increases your Life bar. Pick up the ammo and blue water and go through the next door to a Checkpoint. In the next room the lights go out and Balthazar comes on the intercom to chuckle at you. Your time is coming, bozo. Ignore him and pick up the two obvious bonus cards. Now clear the manager's office of Crawlers and Warriors. A cooler is in the next room. Beyond is a storage area. Search it throughly to find Warriors and in a side room Crawlers, ammo, and two more bonus cards by locked doors. Return to the last office to fill your Flask after dealing with all of them. Then return to the storage area and look for a True Sight symbol beside some boxes. Slide against the wall here and you'll enter another room with Crawlers and a ladder to the attic. Before climbing up, grab the bonus card. Upstairs, you can find another one in the far corner behind some crates. Now it's time to solve the rather irritating candle puzzle. Basically you must light all five candles by moving them onto the pentagram. The arrow at the bottom of the candle will then light up all points on the pentagram in a straight line from its tip. You must light all five candles, not all the points. A candle will not light if the point it is indicating is lit already. This puzzle is best solved through trial and error. Remember you can always move the candles back to take the light off points you don't want lit. Fortunately there is no wrong order penalty here. You can also try moving a candle on and off a point- sometimes that will light others which are on a point it suddenly darkens. If a point is lit by a candle directly on top of it it does not count as an already lit point, so you can also try getting the candles to point directly at each other. When all five are aglow, the Gargoyle spell is freed. Equip your pistol and pick up the new powerful magic. An Impaler and some Warriors will gate in, but you can just cast your new spell to turn them all into stone statues. One shot or melee attack and each statue breaks. Afterwards you get a cutscene where Gabriel appears and tells you Balthazar has a weakness. To find it, we must venture back to Hell. Level 12: Hell's Highway. We're on a Highway to Hell! Highway to Hell!! And we're going down!! I love ACDC. :) Anyway, as you might expect, this highway is chock full of wrecked vehicles and suffering from very shoddy construction. And nobody's picking up hitchhikers either. Equip your Purger and start walking. Your first foes are a trio of Seplavites reporting the traffic to local radio stations (by the way, I really don't like this level, so expect a lot of bad jokes). Shoot them down. Beside you are Bodkins and three Green Water bottles. Advance and you'll encounter some Crawlers and Soldiers (where you guys been? I was missing you!). To the left near some wrecked cars are nails and a bonus card. Head right around these cars and you'll face more Soldiers and a couple Warriors as fireballs take out a section of freeway ahead. Look for a gap between two wrecked cars on the left to find a nook with more ammo, Green Water, and a bonus card. Keep moving forward to deal with some more Warriors suffering from serious road rage. Two Impalers also burst out of a pile of wrecked cars. You can use the Screech Beetle to stun them if you want- at this stage I prefer the Gargoyle spell. When all are finished, John notices a big gap in the road up ahead. On your right is ammo. Make sure to refill your Life and Flask with the water around you, then proceed towards the gap. Checkpoint. Head down the ramp to the lower deck. Behind you are more ammo, Green Water, and a bonus card on the hood of a car. Move forward, always ready to retreat and take cover from Bastado fireballs. You also want to move slowly because sections of the freeway above will collapse and you don't want to get hit by falling rocks. Take out the Bastado and Soldiers as they come to you. A lot of ammo lies along your path and you can also retreat as far as the level's beginning if you need water. Another Green Water bottle lies along the forward path also. Look for a bonus card on the left side concrete barrier nearby. At the end, two Impalers push a car down another ramp right at you. Dodge it, then cast Gargoyle and shatter them. Head up the ramp and grab the ammo directly in front of you. Squeeze past the underside of the overturned school bus and grab a bonus card by the tanker in front of you. Save, then retreat to make sure your flask and ammo are full. Now climb up the ladder on the back of the tanker and head across it quickly. You should hop off the other side just as it collapses into the abyss. Like John says, no turning back now. Checkpoint. Before you lies the Hellywood Tunnel. As you near it, two Warriors appear- one on top of the tunnel and one on the roof of a car. Both will be heaving boulders your way, so stay behind cover while you deal with the two Cleavers who show up also. After icing them, slowly advance around the cars and you should be able to see the one on the car. Zap him. You can take out the other one if you like (the Purger is probably your best sniper weapon) or wait for him to jump down once you near the tunnel entrance. Ahead of you are more Warriors and Bastada. Continually retreat as far as you can, using the wrecked cars for cover. Scattered about are ammo, Green Water, and a bonus card on the far right guardrail next to an ammo stash. Two Impalers appear and charge you as you near the left tunnel path. Dodge, cast Gargoyle, and smash them. Now examine the right tunnel path. At the end next to a gap is another narrow car you can squeeze past to find another stash of ammo, Green Water, and a bonus card. Save, then return to the left tunnel path and you will see why, like John, I hate this level. Ahead of you is a lava pit with several pillars. You must cross it by carefully jumping from pillar to pillar. Do not chain your jumps together one by one- you will fall and have to repeat the area from where you jumped off the tanker. Instead hop slowly to each pillar, reorient yourself once you land, then cross to the next. There is no time limit, the pillars do not collapse- this is not Super Mario Brothers- so if you do this you should be fine. Make sure you take two detours as you cross. The enclosed area on your left contains a dead-end maintenance tunnel with a bonus card, ammo, and another Explosive Nails upgrade. If you got the one back in Journey to Papa Midnite's, you shouldn't need it. Farther along the pillar area is a ledge on the right with another bonus card. Save after getting each of these cards, it will make detours unnecessary in case you fall and have to repeat the crossing- your bonus collection is retained with saving unlike your upgrades and ammo/water/progress level. As you near the end ignore the shaking and finish the crossing. On your left is more Green Water and ammo. Checkpoint. (BTW, I tried to complete this section using a Gameshark and encountered lots of problems with a frozen screen and bad picture. After I completed it without a Gameshark I had no problems. Way to stick it to us humble cheaters, game companies!) Enter the new area and you'll find your progress blocked by a cave-in. Backtrack through your doorway and pick your way around the rubble here. You find a dark tunnel that you can get through with True Sight. Cast your Protection Spell before you emerge from the other end. You emerge onto a ramp and hear a familar roar. It's your favorite traffic cop- the Behemoth! As before toast him with your flamethrower- he is immune to Gargoyle and can easily block a Shroud of Moses. Drink your life back to full after you beat the Behemoth, then search the area around you to pick up Green Water, ammo, and a bonus card. The tunnel behind you is now blocked, so you will need to jump another lava pit. As before be careful and take the jumps one at a time. This one isn't as bad as the last one. After crossing through the burnt-out school bus, you reach another Checkpoint. Two bottles of Green Water are on the hood of the bus. Ahead of you are more Seplavites, Warriors, and Cleavers. Take care of them with your Purger and Crucifier. A bonus card is on the slightly raised area of the freeway, also some ammo and Green Water. On either side of this area is a dead end passage with more ammo and water. A Bastado guards the stash on the right. Ahead of you are more Warriors and two more Impalers. Make use of the Crucifier and Gargoyle spell. Now enter the collapsed building. You will find Purger ammo- shoot the three Seplavites. Another Behemoth waits in the next section. After making him crispy grab the Green Water and ammo. A bonus card is behind some boxes near the end of the tunnel ahead. Exit to reach a Checkpoint. Before you is Hell's Temple, your destination. Scattered around are Green Water and ammo. You must defeat two waves of demons to open the gates. Cleavers and Seplavites make up the first wave, Warriors and Bastados the second. Use the pillars around you as cover. Enter the gates to complete the level. Level 13: Hell's Temple. Okay, get ready for serious frustration. Your last all-Hell level is a difficult one with many trials to pass. Appropriately the Temple is housed in a ruined financial institution. :) Anyway, let us begin. In the first room, crawl under the beams to your right and then the tunnel on the left (beneath a True Sight symbol) to proceed. At the junction, turn left first. In the alcove at the end of this path is a bonus card and ammo. Now return to the junction and head right into the main lobby. John takes note that the main access to the vault (which hodls the spell you need) is sealed off and one of the statues above you looks ready to fall over. Get the ammo in this room (flasks and shotgun shells), then head through the corridor on the far side from where you entered. It leads to a dead end with another bonus card. Back in the lobby, take note of the moveable block and True Sight symbol. Place the former under the latter and you can climb up to the balcony. Here you can push the statue down to create a hole in the floor. This draws the attention of a Warrior and several Soldiers. Proceed down the hole after taking care of them. You emerge in a cell with bonus card #3 and some Green Water. Before you lies the vault. Checkpoint. John now lays out the task before you- you must use the five electric chairs around the room to undergo five trials and release the vault's locks. Before you sit down in any chair, take note that the room holds a bonus card and a lot of Green Water bottles. Get the card and save your game, then sit down in any chair you like- the trials can be completed in any order. After each, put your tumbler in the vault, grab water as needed, and undergo the next. I started with the chair nearest the room of entry and then proceeded clockwise. Trial of Anger: You appear in a hall. Head straight to a four-way junction. The lights go out and you are attacked by Soldiers, Cleavers, and a Bastado. Use True Sight and clobber them with some quick melee attacks. The lights come back on after all are dead. Now head left for tunnel that leads to Green Water and a Charm. More Green Water is beside it in the corridor. The right path at the junction leads to a dead end and bonus card. Straight ahead is another hallway with a steady stream of Soldiers coming at you. Proceed down that way Crucifing or clobbering any who show up- since Soldiers are weak and slow I used melee attacks. At the end of the corridor you see an open area. Draw your flamethrower and use Protection, then enter. As soon as you enter, a gate slams behind you and you have to fight a Behemoth and two Cleavers. Fire off a Moses Shroud to take care of the latter and then flame the Behemoth as normal, backing off and recasting Protection whenever possible. After the big boy falls, the closed gate shatters. Search the open area for a bonus card and ammo, then grab the tumbler and head back the way you came. More Soldiers are waiting. Return to the chair you used to enter, fighting them and grabbing water on the way. Sit down to return to the vault. Checkpoint. Trial of Fear: You appear in a mountain pass. Behind the chair is a bonus card. Move forward and you'll be facing Bastados and Seplavites. In the clearing is a jungle gym structure with four Seplavites above it. Purge them down and grab the bonus card in the clearing in front of the structure. Green Water and a Voodoo Doll also lie underneath it. Climb the ladder now and you'll be faced with a difficult path up the structure that takes you across some jumps and another ladder. Did I mention Soldiers will be jumping up along the way in attempts to smack you back down to the beginning. Of course I did! :) Smack them down before they smack you down and climb up to the top of the structure. Push down the cross there to receive a tumbler. If you fall into the area you leap over during the last jump you can get Green Water and ammo. Pushing down the cross also stops the flow of Soldiers. Return to the chair and the Vault, fighting more Seplavites and Bastados. Checkpoint. Trial of Temptation: You appear in another hall. Proceed and you find the area is upside down. Take out the two Bastado on the ceiling and explore this little maze. You can find a room with a Relic and ammo, a locked door, and a lever. Pull the lever and the area turns right side up. Take out the Cleaver and Impaler, then explore again to find a room with the key you need and another lever. Get the key, then pull the lever to reverse things again. Return to the door and open it to access the Temptation Arena. As you enter a bonus card is to your right. Grab it and the tumbler off the desk. You must now face a wave of Soldiers, a wave of Soldiers and two Impalers, then two more waves of Soldiers. The Gargoyle spell is your friend here. When all are dead return to the chair (no need to flip the room again) and the Vault. Checkpoint. Trial of Pain: You appear in another hallway. Bastados inhabit this winding passage. At the second turn lies a bonus card. Continue through the hall and you face a fiery chasm. Purge the four Seplavites flying above, then cross the pit by leaping from pillar to pillar. When the differently colored tiles spring up it is easiest to just keep running and take fire damage. When you land at the end you can pick up Purger ammo, Green Water, a bonus card, and the tumbler. Shoot down the new flock of Seplavites. Rock tossing Warriors also appear, so shoot them down too. Return across the pit (the path is clear now although you will still need to make some jumps) and through the hallway (Soldiers are waiting) to the chair and the Vault. Checkpoint. Trial of Death: You appear in a hall with a table. To your right as you approach it is the level's final bonus card. In the table room stepping on the tile before each wall painting causes that painting to turn and display pictures of enemies and a certain pale rider. Stepping off the tile will stop the turning. If it stops on a picture of an enemy two of that enemy are summoned (Warriors, Bastados, Cleavers, and Impalers). If it stops on the picture of Death, you have it on the side where you need it. Each painting moves faster than the last, so watch the pattern carefully. When all three show Death, the table shatters to reveal your tumbler. Grab it and return to the Vault. Checkpoint. You should have all five tumblers now. Fill up on water and put them in the vault door, then enter. John will automatically gain the Demon Leech spell and complete the level. Level 14: Balthazar Zynergy Registry, Inc. Okay, time to bust into our nemesis's front company. Draw your shotgun and holy water. A bonus card is to your right. If you try to walk out the doors shut behind you. Try to pass through the turnstiles and John will realize you need a keycard. Search the office just off the main hall for it. You can also hop up on the copy machine to grab a second bonus card. Checking the CCTV in this area shows you empty hallways. Proceed past the turnstiles to an elevator lobby. Several armed security goons (demon Half-Breeds of course) get off the elevators. Take them out and take one of the two useable elevators to the 38th floor. As you ascend the elevator suddenly stops and the lights go out. Climb out through the open doors. Checkpoint. In this hall are a Bastado and some Warriors. Beat them and proceed into the next hall. Balthazar taunts you and runs off, leaving behind four more armed security Half-Breeds. Take them out and enter the office lobby. You can find Blue Water, Holy Water, shotgun shells, and a bonus card around the reception desk. In the conference room to the right and then right again is Balthazar's succubus secretary. She locks the door behind you once you enter her room and starts coming after you. Nothing damages this gal except for Holy Water, so keep flinging it until she falls. Four security goons, two armed and two unarmed, bust in after she's down. Take them out and grab the Relic, ammo, and bonus card behind the shattered painting. On the table are Holy Water and Blue Water. In the office across from the secretary's room is a drinking fountain- use it to refill your Flask of Enlightenment. Proceed down the hall and you will face more security goons. On your right is an office with glass panels that can provide temporary cover from bullets. Blue Water and a bonus card are on the desk in here. The next glass-shielded office to your left holds more security goons, explosive nails, and a bonus card on the file cabinets. The adjoining storage room contains ammo, blue water, and a spilled mop bucket you can use to access Hell. Go there. Level 15: The Reckoning. You appear in Hell confronted by a Crawler and Soldier. Punch them out, then draw your Crucifier. On the shelves around you are ammo and Green Water. Explore this room to find Cleavers, Crawlers, Soldiers, and Seplavites flying around outside. Take them all out. You can get more ammo and a bonus card in the room just off the office area. Return to the shelves and enter the doorway just behind them. Beat down the Cleavers and Bastados and search this room for Green Water, ammo, and a second bonus card. If you head down one hall you can find the conference room where you fought the secretary. It collapses and you are attacked by a Warrior and two more Seplavites. Beat them and head down the other hall to face an Impaler. Gargoyle him, then smash him. Wait for your magic to return, then proceed into the elevator lobby. A Bastado is here, and past the elevators a warrior. Climb the ruined stairwell and take out a Cleaver. Checkpoint. In this new hallway are Green Water and ammo. A Bastado and some Crawlers wait by the elevators. Pass them and head through the halls to a room with shelves stocking Green Water, ammo, and a bonus card. Search this floor further to find more ammo and Balthazar. He sets off a cave-in and flees up another stairway. Return to the shelf room and find a Water Ampoule. Use it to return to Earth and face some more security goons. In the initial room are ammo and Blue Water. Just outside is a drinking fountain. Take out the many security goons in this hall and refill your Flask. Smash your way into the glass-enclosed office for a bonus card on the desk. Also push the statue here up against the wall as indicated by the True Sight symbol. Back in the main area, check the elevator area to find more Security goons. Past them is a dead end hall with a bonus card. Return to the pool of water in the shelf room and get back to Hell. The area here is now occupied by Crawlers, Soldiers, Warriors, Cleavers, and Impalers. Beat them all down and grab water and ammo as necessary. Now climb over the statue you moved to follow Balthazar. Take out the Warrior, proceed up the stairs, and jump the pit. A Soldier waits on the other side. Checkpoint. In this fireplace room are Cleavers, Soldiers, Crawlers, a Bastado, and an Impaler. Green Water and ammo are on the central structure. Take out the enemies and then proceed into the rooftop garden. Balthazar tosses a Water Ampoule to a Seplavite and then teleports back to Earth leaving his minions to finish you. Retreat into the fireplace room and deal with the Impaler, Bastado, Cleavers, Crawlers, and Soldiers. Then go back into the rooftop garden and grab the ammo, Green Water, and bonus card scattered about. Purge the Seplavites and the last one you kill will drop the Water Ampoule Balthazar gave it. Grab it to return to Earth. Checkpoint. Okay, Balthazar, nowhere to run now. Equip your Purger and Demon Leech. Balthazar casts deadly fireballs and also commands flocks of Seplavites. You want to cast Demon Leech immediately in this fight- it's the only way to bounce Balthazar's fireballs back and damage him. When it wears off kill Seplavites to get back your mana and cast it again. You'll find ammo and Blue Water in the room around you. Keep casting Demon Leech and reflecting fireballs until Balthazar falls. You then get a cutscene where John confronts Balthazar and demands to know where they've taken Angela. The demon master tells you, then laughs saying you will be too late. John caps him and heads on to.... Level 16: Ravenscar Hospital. You have two goals here. First, find Angela. Second, bless the building's sprinkler system water supply to help thin out the ranks of demons. Draw your Crucifier and enter the initial room. On the desk ahead are Blue Water and ammo. A bonus card is by the locked doors on the left. Also note the water cooler. Around the corner a bunch of demons- Warriors, Cleavers, and Bastados- come at you. Beat them all down and an Impaler charges in through the double doors. Gargoyle and shatter him. Now head downstairs to the basement and take care of two more Impalers. Behind the boxes are plenty of nails, a Voodoo Doll, and a bonus card. Head past the locked door and down the hall to a door you can open with a switch. Beat up the Bastado and enter the room to find another bonus card behind the boxes. More demons- Cleavers, Warriors, and an Impaler- break in from the next room. Beat them up and search the room they came out of for a moveable box. Pull it back and head down the tunnel revealed to find a room with ammo, Blue Water, a Charm, and a bonus card behind the shelves. Return to the room you came out of and face another Impaler-Cleavers-Warriors squad busting in to fight you. Proceed past them, opening another door, into a new hall full of Soldiers. Ammo and a bonus card are on the floor. Head through this hall and face Warriors, Soldiers, and a Bastado. Climb the stairs and open the door at the top. Through the first door off this hall are another set of offices with two bonus cards on desks. The nurse in here is an unarmed Half-Breed. Past her is a dead security guard with keys to the Control Room. Get them, then head back through the offices facing Warriors and Soldiers. Use the cooler to keep your life up. Head back down the hall to some double doors. Behind them are a bunch of Soldiers, two Cleavers, and two Impalers. Take care of them and grab the bonus card behind the desk. Also behind the desk is a room with flasks and another bonus card. Continue down the hall and open the next door to find a room with a water cooler and shotgun ammo. Unlock the next door to find the Security Control Room. The CCTV is busted, but you can hit a switch to open the locked doors in the basement. Gabriel and two nurses walk by outside dragging Angela. You better get after them fast. Checkpoint. Return through the office halls to find two Cleavers and a Bastado. Defeat them and the Soldier platoon in the lobby area to unlock the double doors. Head through them and you're faced with Soldiers, Warriors, and an Impaler. Get back downstairs and head through either unlocked double door to access another corridor. The lone door in here leads to a steam room. Using True Sight (the lights go out) cross it with stop-and-go. At the end, you are jumped by three Warriors. After they're down, move the stone block over to the cistern, climb up, and place the Cross of Isteria in the water. Jump back down and proceed through the next door. Checkpoint. In this new hall are some blue water and two bonus cards. Grab them and head up the stairs. Move through this hall to find three Half-Breed nurses- two armed with pistols- guarding the MRI room. Take care of them and proceed through the next hall and double doors. Keep along the path picking up Blue Water and ammo as you fight off Half-Breed nurses and Warriors. You can also turn on the sprinkler switches along the way to bring down Holy Water and aid in your battles. You'll pass the Security Control room and another unlocked set of double doors- the room behind them contains Blue Water and ammo. The last nurse you kill has keys to the Physiotherapy room. Before entering it, check the area behind the broken double doors for a cooler and your last bonus card. Now unlock the Physiotherapy room and enter. Take out the squad of Half-Breeds waiting for you with Holy Water and your shotgun. Hitting the sprinkler switch on either side of the room will help you. When all are dead, enter the next set of double doors to complete the level. Level 17: HydroTherapy Pool. This is it. The part you've been waiting for. Let's get a few things straight first. One, this level consists entirely of two boss fights, not much in between. John must take on both Gabriel and Mammon solo- no help from Chaz or Lucifer unlike the movie. Second, there are no bonus cards to collect on this level. If you beat it, all twelve bonus items are automatically yours. So don't waste time looking for cards. That said, let's begin. Start by equipping your Flamethrower, Protection spell, and Shroud of Moses. The first room you're in has ammo for shotgun, flamethrower, Purger, and Crucifier. The second room has a cooler. Fill up your water and ammo, then step into the Hydrotherapy Pool. Gabriel swoops in and attacks you as you try to save Angela. Time to take her on. The angel's main attack is to fly around tossing lightning at you. Avoid it and torch her with the flamethrower when she's low- it's your most effective weapon. Shrouds also damage her, but you may not have many. Cast Protection for defense whenever possible. Gabriel also has a wind attack that will knock you down and can swoop into you. Throughout the fight, she will fly in and out windows. Watch for her carefully as you survey the battlefield. When she falls, Mammon draws Angela into Hell. Use the Hydrotherapy Pool to follow. Checkpoint. Mammon is here, and he's got Angela. Quickly grab some of the Green Water around the room (you probably need it after Gabriel), then cast Exorcism on Angela. This will get Mammon's attention and make him release her. Quickly pick up the Spear of Destiny Angela leaves behind. Now it's time to fight the big boss man. Mammon uses black beams, a proximity shock attack, and clouds of flies to drain your health. When he's flying, he can't be hurt. The Spear occupies your melee/secondary weapon slot and is the only way to damage him. Wait for him to come down and then strike! There is more Green Water around the battlefield if you need it. If Mammon summons demons (Soldiers, Warriors, Cleavers, Bastados), the Shotgun or Crucifier works well to bring them down. Be sure to pick up the Spear from the pool after each time you stab Mammon so you can stab him again. When his life bar is gone, the Son of Satan falls. Enjoy the ending and all the bonus stuff you've unlocked. 6. Closing Thoughts. I hope you've enjoyed this FAQ and the game which it covers. Thank you for reading. If you have any comments or know something I missed, email me at DougElder21@yahoo.com. Good luck and keep playing!</josef></cue></p>