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“Catwoman-level bad” – The first reactions to Venom are in and… ooft

Want to read the first Venom reactions? With a pull quote like that, who doesn’t? I’m morbidly curious too and – like the glutton for punishment that I am – I’ve compiled the best Venom internet opinions and, yeah, most of them are not pretty. Not all of them, mind – but Sony would do well to look away now. This isn’t pretty and this is just the social media embargo being lifted. The reviews - including our very own - are coming very soon.

One of the worst comic book movies in recent times

Ouch. Most of the general consensus agrees on one thing: this is like something pre-MCU and pre-Batman Begins; Venom is a movie that harkens back to cheesy box-office fare. That’s not a good thing when people are chucking the C-word around. That’s right: Catwoman.

I mean... wow

It’s been a while since critics could universally pan a movie. They haven’t held back in some cases. Get the popcorn ready, I’m telling you.

At least it's funny. I think.

Venom may not split your sides, but some have already admitted to having a good time while watching it. That’s what it’s all about, right? That, and Tom Hardy doing an accent.

And there are bright spots!

It’s not all bad. Of course, you can be the judge yourself when it arrives on October 3 but, for now, there’s only words and whispers to go on. The positives? Eddie Brock’s relationship with the symbiote and, mostly, Tom Hardy just goofing around. That’s worth the price of admission alone, surely?

Don't worry, there are plenty more upcoming movies for you to stick your teeth into.

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