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23 Carnage Forever variant covers coming in March

Carnage #1 variant cover
Carnage #1 variant cover (Image credit: Bryan Hitch (Marvel Comics))

2022 is Carnage's 30th anniversary, and Marvel has huge plans for his birthday: a big anthology, a new ongoing series, and now 23 covers across its March 2022 slate of books. A line of variant covers is common for Marvel and DC, but 23 is one of the largest single-month variant cover themes in recent memory.

As revealed in the just-released Marvel Comics March 2022 schedule, here are the 'Carnage Forever' variant covers planned:

Carnage Forever #1 cover (Image credit: Marvel Comics)
  • March 2: Amazing Spider-Man #91 by 'to be announced'
  • March 2: Strange #1 by Francesco Manna
  • March 2: X-Men #9 by 'to be announced'
  • March 2: Fantastic Four #42 by Mike Allred
  • March 2: Moon Knight #9 by Dan Panosian
  • March 9: Strange Academy #17 by Peach Momoko
  • March 9: Thor #23 by Rahzzah
  • March 9: Captain Carter #1 (of 5) by Jen Bartel
  • March 9: Eternals #10 by Kyle Hotz
  • March 16: Captain America/Iron Man #5 (of 5) by Kendrick 'Kunkka' Lim
  • March 16: Ghost Rider #2 by 'to be announced'
  • March 16: Reckoning War: Trial of the Watcher #1 by Javier Rodriguez
  • March 16: Avengers #54 by Greg Smallwood
  • March 23: Avengers Forever #4 by Stephanie Hans
  • March 23: Shang-Chi #10 by Leinil Francis Yu
  • March 23: Iron Man #18 by Jeff Johnson
  • March 23: She-Hulk #3 by Skan
  • March 30: Spider-Woman #2 by David Nakayama
  • March 30: Silk #3 by Inhyuk Lee
  • March 30: Silver Surfer: Rebirth #3 (of 5) by Paolo Siqueira
  • March 30: Miles Morales: Spider-Man #36 by 'to be announced'
  • March 30: Hulk #5 by Jonboy Meyers
  • March 30: Immortal X-Men #1 by 'to be announced'

Marvel has not revealed any of these covers to date, but stay tuned to Newsarama for updates as they are released.

As with all variant cover editions, these will be exclusively available in print in participating stores - although Marvel does commonly collect the variants into subsequent collections.

The Carnage Forever variant covers will follow the February 23 Carnage Forever anthology, and the launch of a new Carnage ongoing series on March 2.

Carnage debuted in 1992's Amazing Spider-Man #359 as a darker version of Venom. At the time, Venom's popularity was in an immense upswing and was segueing from being a villainous antagonist for Spider-Man to being a starring character of his own - and therefore, Marvel saw the need for an evil version of Venom to fill that void. Co-creators David Micheleinie and Mark Bagley originally intended to call the character 'Chaos' or 'Ravage' before ultimately settling on the 'Carnage' name.

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