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Capcom survey asks what you want to see as a digital release

Capcom is asking its fans for help deciding which games or series to bring back as digital-only releases. While the results won't definitely mean a title will return, general opinion and demand for a particular series will apparently be considered seriously in the decision-making process.

The post on Capcom-Unity stresses that this survey is for digital-only titles, not full boxed releases. The post also includes some suggestions for consideration, including (excitingly for fans) a new version of Street Fighter Alpha, based on SFAIII but with more characters and HD backgrounds. Perhaps most interestingly, it also asks whether you will be buying a next-generation PlayStation or Xbox product in the next 12 months, 'if available'. Do they know something we don't?

Power Stone is also mentioned, having last been seen as a collection of both the original Dreamcast games on a PSP collection. Dino Crisis and Onimusha HD were also suggested. If enough people show an interest, you never know. We could be playing online-enabled Power Stone HD this time next year...

Enter the survey here.

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