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Capcom invited Resident Evil Ambassadors to playtest an unrevealed game

(Image credit: Capcom)

Members of the Resident Evil Ambassadors program recently received an invite from Capcom to test out a currently unannounced project.

It isn't clear from which franchise the new project will be, because although the invite was sent to the Resident Evil Ambassadors program, there's been some talk about Capcom potentially reviving an older series.

A recent trademark filing by Capcom for the long-dormant Dino Crisis series has survival horror fans speculating about a return for the classic survival horror franchise. The unannounced project could simply be Resident Evil 8, which would be exciting enough in its own right, but it could also be a new Dino Crisis game.

For some context, the last time Capcom sent out invites to Resident Evil Ambassadors, the unrevealed game wound up being Project Resistance, the multiplayer component to Resident Evil 3.

The email sent out to Resident Evil Ambassadors was revealed in its entirety on Reddit, where Redditors were quick to wonder aloud what Capcom has up its sleeve. Naturally, Resident Evil 8 and Dino Crisis are by far the most popular guesses.

You can sign up to the Resident Evil Ambassadors program to get email updates on all things Resident Evil and Capcom, plus you'll have the chance to test out new games before they're announced.

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