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Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation DLC Guide - Call of the Dead

Convoy (Continued)


The elevated train tracks here are an appealing spot for taking down ground enemies, but because it is so out in the open and obvious, the tracks attract a lot ofattention. As such it's not that much of a tactically advantageous area.


This confusing-looking structure in quadrant C3 is a good hiding spot.


There's not much to see on the middle-east edge of the map.


However, this carve-out area in the form of a missing fence makes for a good lookout point. It's less obvious than the elevated train tracks.


This hotel room in D1 isn't exactly a Hilton, and you won't feel as much comfort here either, because there are multiple openings leaving you exposed.


This diner is a nice area to duck and cover from the openness of the rest of the map, though only marginally. Come here if you need a very quick break.


The gas station near the southeast corner has a few interesting areas to explore.


Right in the middle of the gas station actually provides a relative amount of safety because the nearby fencing and vehicles serve as shields.


There's also some mechanical rooms to explore, though these are very open areas without a good spot to hide.


This hotel room at the south end of the map is a bit more secure.