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Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation DLC Guide - Call of the Dead

The south area of the map is a bit less exposed, making buildings like this more secure.


Another good spot overlooking a convergence of paths.


This corridor at the extreme southwest corner may look like an inviting place to snipe passers-by, butthis area is desolate and probably not worth your attention.

Overall Tips:

- The middle area of this map is filled with buildings, large windows, and exposed areas. It's best to stay on the edges, and proceed through the center with extreme caution.

- There is limited elevation here, so the areas where you can climb up a bit are very appealing.

- Many areas, like the animal pen, look like deceptively safe spots, but because of the overall geography of the map they're still exposed due to a lack of walls and tight corners.

- In this map, it'll be very difficult to camp out in one area and wait for targets. The best bet is to continously move around, staying around the edges, and going in for a kill with extreme caution.