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BLASTERMIND Bruce (Willis) Almighty

Since this weekend Looper is out in cinemas, we figured what better way than to use one of its stars as the theme for this weeks quiz (and let’s be fair to the rest of the cast – Bruce Willis has been in a whole lot of sci-fi films, enough for him to get his own quiz).

So, here are ten screenshots from various stages of his career. We’re looking for the film (or TV show) but award yourself extra bragging points if you can name the character as well.

As usual, this quiz is just fun and there aren’t any prizes except the distinct feeling of pride. Feel free to boast (or moan) about how many you did (or didn’t) get right in the comments section below, but pretty please don’t post any answers here. You can post answers in this thread , just make sure you use invisible text.

This week’s quiz complied by: Sarah Collins

Answers on the next page

Answers on the next page

Lt Muldoon – Planet Terror

Dr Malcome Crowe – The Sixth Sense

Tom Greer – Surrogates

David Dunn – Unbreakable

James Cole – 12 Monkeys

Ernest Menville – Death Becomes Her

Korben Dallas – Fifth Element

Hartigan – Sin City

Peter Novins – Twilight Zone “Shatterday”

Harry Stamper – Armageddon

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