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The 10 best video game plushies you can buy

Soft to the touch

If you like scaring off potential lovers by turning your bed into a sea full of stuffed animals, then have I got the list for you. Video game land is filled to the brim with critters ripe for shrinking down into huggable plushie form, so Ive collected a list of the very best so you can remind your crush that youre also a gamer /thank you very much/ as they slowly back out the door.

From Mud Crabs to Piranha Plants, here are the ten most unusual, yet massively desirable video game plushies you can buy right now.

Talking Elcor - Mass Effect

This handsome beast has been scientifically engineered for maximum huggability and affection. He also talks.

Lovingly: take my money.

You can buy it right here.

Fat Chocobo - Final Fantasy

Just look at that round squishable face! Those beady little eyes! Those pathetic little wings! Who wouldnt want this spherical yellow chubster taking up all the room in their bed? Your partner can sleep on the floor.

You can buy it right here.

Chester - Dont Starve

Not only is this friendly monster adorably fuzzy, he also acts as a handy storage device. His gaping maw opens up at a terrifying angle, gifting you with plenty of storage space for your beard clippings.

You can buy it right here.

Robbie the rabbit - Silent Hill

Those cold, dead eyes have seen a lot of unspeakable things. This Silent Hill series memento totally wont murder you in your sleep

You can buy it right here.

Mud Crab - Elder Scrolls

Bethesda really know how to make a good plush. Theyve got so many great additions that its was difficult to narrow it down, but the mud crab pinched at my miserable old heartstrings.

You can buy it right here.

Piranha Plant - Mario games

Nintendo does an incredibly strong line in huggable things, but this toothy little bastard chomped the rest of the competition. Just dont get your fingers too close to his mouth.

You can buy it right here.

7. Companion cube - Portal

Always there for you in your darkest hour, the companion cube is a classic that will never let you down unless youre near an open flame.

You can buy it right here.

8. Chicken - Harvest Moon

The chick transforms into an egg. Nothing more needs to be said.

You can buy it right here.

Katamari ball

They missed a trick by not making this out of velcro, but at least you wont have to worry about being rolled into a ball of miscellaneous household objects any time soon.

You can buy it right here.

Minecraft animals

Ok, so the pigs vacant stare freaks me out even more than meeting the gaze of an Enderman, but this colourful menagerie would be right at home in anyones collection.

You can buy it right here.

Daniella Lucas
Dani's ears prick up every time the words 'final' and 'fantasy' are mentioned in the same sentence. Great when talking about JRPGs, but it becomes a real hassle when discussing the finals of your fantasy football league. Cloud would totally be a better striker than Rooney.