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Best of CheatPlanet July 19th-23rd, Limbo walkthrough and DQ IX FAQs

It's the dog days of summer gentlemen, and the game pickings are slim. Even so CheatPlanet has you covered on all the recent releases you've been tearing into.Gorgeous monochromeplatform puzzler Limbo? Covered. Dragon Quest IX? Check. RedDead Redemption? You're kidding right?


Limbo has some mind bending puzzles to get through, but with our complete walkthrough and achievement guide, you’ll be breezing through it in no time, scary spiders be damned. And who knows, you might even spare the little protagonist some grisly deaths!

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies

While DQIX will never be as huge in America as it is in Japan, it’s a rock solid old school RPG for anyone that’s interested. I’ve got two IRL friends hounding me to play it as I type this. Make sure to check out our DQIX Alchemy and Bestiary FAQ courtesy of poster “Zaraf”. That’s definitely enough info to tide you over until next week.

July 25, 2010

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