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70 Best iPhone games to make your commute 97% better

50. RogueJack

Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Genre: Rogue-like

Originally a game jam game, RogueJack has made it’s way onto mobile devices. Taking on floor after floor of each dungeon, you must attack enemies by playing Jack with them, in hopes of getting cards up to 21. If you beat enemies, you can gain items which help you go further as well as mana potions which can help your character level up. This leveling up is very important, as your level unlocks new abilities like two cards to choose from each time you need to draw a card or being able to sometimes see the next card being drawn. When you die, you’ll be taken back to the first floor of the dungeon, where you can re-enter with your abilities but without any of your coins or items. You can make your way back to that floor, if you’re game. RogueJack is a very addictive game that tends to evoke the ‘one more level’ feel. 

Download RogueJack now

49. Hamsterdam

Genre: Action
Price: £1.99 / $1.99

A kung-fu hamster named Pimm is looking to clean up the baddies on the streets, who have destroyed the town that he lived in. This action game has you swiping, tapping, and beating up various other rodents in hopes of making Hamsterdam a better town once again. Combing up attacks in Hamsterdam feels quite powerful, as the screen switches to allow you to swipe a different way and get a bigger attack in. 

There are a variety of enemies and bosses, some looking for you to just dodge attacks while others need to be timed perfectly to specific hits. Apart from beating up baddies, you can also play as a side scrolling runner, where you ride your scooter, collecting seeds and avoiding bombs. There is a lot to love about Hamsterdam! 

Download Hamsterdam here


Genre: Arcade shooter
Price: Free (with in-app purchase)

Chaos and fast reactions are what SHUMP is all about. Quickly moving up the screen, shooting automatically, you must destroy enemies and make it to the top. There is a lot going on, a lot of movement, and coins falling from the sky. On the bottom of the screen there are three buttons, moving your character left, right, and up. As you move quickly, you can gain combos, making your weapon more powerful for a few seconds. There are also weapon creates to help you along the way. New enemies are always appearing - it takes a while to remember how they all work, and while paired with bosses at the top of each area, you end up with a challenging and fast game. You do have three lives and the ability to purchase new characters with different abilities to help you out. SHUMP is a crazy fast, fun game to pick up!

Download SHUMP here

47. Whipseey and the Lost Atlas

Genre: Platformer
Price: $2.99 / £2.99

Inspired by retro platformers from the likes of Nintendo, Whipseey and the Lost Atlas is a very cheerful, fun platformer where you have a pink whip that does so many different things. Being used to attack enemies, swing from pegs and glide around the level, you will need to be mindful of how and when to use this trusty tool. The world that Whipseey is in is colorful yet full of challenging enemies that burst into coins when you have defeated them. Massive boss fights also appear, attacking with their own weapons and tools, allowing you to master and use your own. I’m not sure what Whipseey is, but their adventure to get back home is fun to take on.

Download Whipseey and the Lost Atlas now

46. Warbits

Genre: Simulator
Price: £4.99 / $4.99

A charming wargame with some seriously funny humor, Warbits sees you battling robots for a better future. Fighting against the disaster Blue robots, you can move various types of robots around the screen, capturing buildings to gain more money to produce more. Like traditional turn-based strategy games, you can follow a bunch of campaign modes that get increasingly more challenging, but also unlock more environments to travel through. You see, fighting against people in these fake battles keep the peace in the galaxy. If playing campaigns isn’t your thing, you can also play online or locally against opponents, challenging yourself. Warbits is a really polished, well made strategy game - it’s super enjoyable.

Download Warbits here

45. Reky

Genre: Puzzle
Price: $3.99 / £3.99

Taking inspiration from architecture, Reky is a minimalist puzzler that sees you simply trying to make it to the other side of beautiful yet simple looking levels. Playing as a black ball, you will need to move blocks, grab colors, and make your way around. Everything on the screen serves a purpose and often needs to be used before you get to the portal at the end of the level. Often you can find one or two colors, which can be picked up by your black blob and moved to a new block. Blocks with color, you see, can be moved around the levels to make for more platforms. The clean aesthetic and simple way to play makes Reky a really polished and fun puzzler - paired with the sleek design and you have a game that’s hard to put down.

Download Reky here

44. Dadish

Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Genre: Puzzle Platformer

Dadish is an adorable puzzle platformer where you play as a radish who also is the dad of a bunch of other radishes. They got distracted by a balloon and are scattered around this world full of junk food! The platforming is pretty standard, with starts to collect, keys to find, platforms to climb - however the story is where Dadish really shines. The interactions between this dad and his children are really wholesome - the game contains challenges and makes you want to play more! I just wish it was a bit longer. 

Download Dadish here

43. OCO

Genre: Platformer
Price: Free (with in-app purchase)

OCO is a charming minimalistic platformer that sees you collecting a bunch of yellow cubes in the least amount of jumps possible. You move forward automatically, in a circle around some platforms which are already placed. A few of these platforms are special, speeding you up, forcing you to jump, and switching your gravity around. You can tap to jump and hit walls to turn around, with the goal of collecting all of the yellow cubes in as few moves as possible. If you do use a special platformer, a little tail follows you within that level, leaving a clever and fun design if you hit enough of them. OCO also has an impressive level editor that’s pretty fun to play around with, especially with all of the options when creating these cool levels!

Download OCO here

42.  Minecraft

Genre: Builder
Price: $10.99 / £6.99

It's been a few years since Minecraft was released on iOS but in that time it's shored up its initially unsteady debut into something quite impressive. What launched as the 'Pocket Edition' is now just Minecraft - the full game, on your phone. As well as the full crafting and creative experience, you also get access to the full marketplace for new maps, skins, texture packs, mash up packs and more. Few games give you the full console/PC experience on your phone so hat tip here for such a satisfying experience. 

Download Minecraft here

41. Evolution: The Video Game

Genre: Card Game
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

Tabletop games receiving digital creations is sometimes hit and miss, but for Evolution: The Video Game - adapted from the popular tabletop game by the same name - it is definitely a hit. Fighting to survive against another player, either online or a boss through the campaign, you must be one step ahead of them when it comes to playing the right cards to help your animals evolve with the upper hand. As the resources of the land - water, food, preditors - change, you must adapt using the cards you have been dealt and evolving your species. It’s up to you to decide if you need to develop features that would fend off carnivores, allow your animals to get to different food sources, or just fight against enemies themselves. Evolution: The Card Game is easy to start playing, but becomes very challenging to really master.

Download Evolution: The Video Game here