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Being Human 5.06 "The Last Broadcast" Spoiler-Free Preview

Being Human 5.06 "The Last Broadcast" spoiler-free preview.

Click here for a gallery of images from the episode (moderately spoilery)

Being Human 5.06

This final episode has more of a sense of scale than Being Human usually does. It all goes a bit 2 8 Days Later for a little while.

The focus isn’t where you might expect it to be – on the conflict between Hal and Tom, the Devil’s plans, or the ritual that will expel him.

Hal finally gets to indulge his love of “musical theatre”.

One shot is straight out of Carrie .

Tom does an impression of Pob.

Mr Rook makes a shocking toilet-related confession.

Phil Davis gets to deliver another top-notch supervillain speech.

An old-fashioned interlude will make you chuckle.

All three of the trio are faced with an enormous personal decision.

Two familiar faces return who we haven't seen since series four.

You might get a lump in your throat when you see Henri/Amy.

Is it a happy ending, or a heartbreaking ending? Yes.

The hugely significant final shot of the series (which we suspect will be extremely divisive) may remind you of Blade Runner

Ian Berriman

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