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Back to the Future game will tell the McFly-Doc backstory never told

We're far more excited about the Back to the Future video game than we should be, but the awesomely slightly-humorous art style and intrinsic sweetness of a 1980s cult movie being brought back from the grave are just too much to resist. And now we're getting some new details about what the game's plot will actually be.

In brand new behind-the-scenes videos from publisher Telltale Games, we get a look at a couple of the game's cutscenes and some dialogue from the cast about the production of the game.

The gameplay looks kind of like fellow Telltale episodic production Wallace & Gromit, wherein players will run around, interact with other character via dialogue trees, and solve quests.

While not a whole lot is spoiled, the video does reveal that we'll not only get to see how Marty McFly meets Doc for the first time, we also get to see what Doc was like as a nerdy 17-year-old.

Of course, the very best part of the game is that Christopher Lloyd himself is reprising his role as Doc. He even makes an appearance in Telltale's new video. He's 72 years old. What an absolute stalwart actor.

Back to the Future will launch for PC on December 22.

[Source:IGN (opens in new tab)]

Dec 16, 2010