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Around the Internet - Should Link ever speak?

It's been quite a week, but if you've been drowned in work or been otherwise occupied, we've gathered together all of the biggest articles from our friends around the internet. Check out a discussion about Zelda's Link decades long silence, a Persona 5 wishlist, and more. Read these articles and more by clicking on the links below.

The Koalition

It's Time To Let Link Speak

5 Things We Want From Persona 5

5 Amiibos Nintendo Needs to Make

Brutal Gamer

20 Years Of PlayStation Memories

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions (PC) Review

Hollow Knight: Interview with Indie Developer Team Cherry’s William Pellen and Ari Gibson

God is a Geek

A condensed two hours with the crew

Community goty vote

Podcast season 7 episode 18 - banned in the UK

GGS Gamer

Review: Toybox Turbos (& Giveaway)

The UK’s Black Friday in Pictures

Hands On: Resident Evil, the ‘REmake’