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Alien: Isolation ID tags location guide

Mission 16 - Transmission 

NOTE: Collecting the following tags requires backtracking across various areas of the game, and this mission is the best time to do it.


Lorenz Systech Spire Lobby And Technical: After opening the door with your Ion Torch, turn right and take the lift to Lorenz Systech Spire. Once there, turn right and go up the stairs then down into the seating area and hack the door. Inside, check on the table.


Travel to Solomons Habitation Tower - this can be accessed through Scimed Tower transit to Engineering Decks, then another transit to Solomons Habitation Tower.

Solomons Habitation Tower Galleria Lower Concourse: When you arrive in Solomons Habitation Tower, turn left and head up the stairs past the save point, then use your Security Tuner to hack the locked door on the left. Once inside, look on the computer bank on the far side of the room.

Once you’ve finished all your collectibles backtracking, it’s easiest to Load Mission Save for Mission 16 and continue from that point.

34 M.Radcliffe

Seegson Communications Monitoring Rooms: When you reach the early corridor with a flaming android, use the Ion Torch to remove the panel on the left then crawl through the vents to the next room. Go left and up the short stairs then turn right and check on the seat next to the body.

36 O.Smith

Seegson Communications Observation Deck: After you take the lift down to the EVA Preparation area, look straight ahead to see this tag hanging on the wall ahead.

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