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Abandoned is a supremely eerie PS5 exclusive survival horror coming in 2021

Indie developer Blue Box Game Studios has announced Abandoned, a PS5 exclusive survival horror game with a heavy focus on realism for 2021.

Check out the PS5-captured teaser trailer above, which gives a good preview of the unpleasant situation in which players will find themselves. Essentially, you wake up inside everyone's worst nightmare, all alone and surrounded by dark, dense forest without an idea of how you got there. You find out pretty quickly you were kidnapped by some sort of violent religious cult led by an insane and power-hungry false prophet. So yeah, not good, but you're determined to escape by any means possible.

Fortunately, you do have a gun, but you're not Rambo by any means. Blue Box says shooting feels "realistically slow" and requires a steady, tactical hand. If you're out of breath from sprinting or your fear meter is up, you won't be able to fire at the enemy as accurately. Likewise, it sounds like ammo will be sparse.

"This is no fast-paced shooter in which you just run, aim and shoot. Abandoned requires you to hide and plan every shot before pulling the trigger," the studio says in the announcement. "We want you to be nervous come each and every enemy encounter. To be aware that a wrong move can be the deciding factor between surviving a combat scenario or not."

That focus on realism extends to the visuals, which run at 60FPS in native 4K resolution, as well as the PS5's DualSense and 3D audio features. While Blue Box admits it's still getting to know the PS5's hardware potential, it says Abandoned's environments will be "as close to the real thing as possible." You'll also be able to feel the textures of different actions with the DualSense's haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, and sounds will ring out from all around you thanks to 3D audio.

Abandoned is set to release in the fourth quarter of 2021, with a more in-depth gameplay trailer coming soon.

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