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50 Most Hated Movies Ever Made

Die Another Day (2002)

The Movie: Bond turns 40, as Pierce Brosnan gets to ogle Halle Berry and receives some unusual gadgets from new Q John Cleese.

Why It Was Hated: Bond movies have always danced on the tightrope between iconic and idiotic. This is the closest it came to falling off, with its invisible car and glacier para-surfing.

Typical Online Review: "Die Another Day just takes most of the worst elements of the Bond movies and dials them up to 11. It's a fight, with a genetically-altered villain, and his turncoat ice-queen accomplice, on an airplane, that flies through a death ray, and it's breaking up!!!!!!!!! Jeez guys, tone it down a little. It's like watching two swarms of bees fighting each other; all furious activity and no development or tension." Robot Arm, Straightdope

House Of The Dead (2003)

The Movie: Uwe Boll made his name (for the little it's worth) with this adaptation of Sega's zombie shoot-em-up game.

Why It Was Hated: Boll made a lot of enemies here for his film's haphazard editing, auto-pilot performances and the cynical, nonsensical insertion of game footage into the action sequences.

Typical Online Review: "House of the Dead was awful, especially the screen shots from the game that kept appearing. It was a fucking sham. papabeard,

Titanic (1997)

The Movie: James Cameron takes on the iceberg of opinion with a film so full of ballast it would sweep both the box-office and the Oscars.

Why It Was Hated: The trivialisation of a major real-life disaster via cardboard characters, dodgy stereotypes and a manipulative central romance that asks us to care for Kate and Leo while hundreds of extras fall to their icy deaths.

Typical Online Review: "The problem with "Titanic" is that it's hideous incompetency cloaked in legitimacy. It looks good, crisp, exact, precise - just like all movies do these days. But the disgustingly bad characters and manipulative quality ruin everything." anonymous, Epinions

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen (2009)

The Movie: The sequel to the Hasbro hit gave Michael Bay more opportunities to ogle Megan Fox and deliver CG smackdowns between robots who all look the same.

Why It Was Hated: By common consent the franchise's nadir (even Bay agrees), especially for the racist connotations of jive-ass Autobots Mudflap and Skids.

Typical Online Review: "i just had to let this out...when i saw the first movie, i was like...ooookaaayy..this is not wat i expectd but as a first time try, i just let it slide n thought the second one should be better n focus more on the TF's. i had faith back then....then came the second movie.........FUCK U! FUCK U! FUCK U! MICHAEL FUCKIN BAY!!!...i left the theater angry, pissed off, dissapointed,confused n other form of human of today, i have not seen the 3rd movie!! And i never fuckin will!!". Mr Zahar Haron, 'I Hate Michael Bay's Transformers' Facebook group

Batman And Robin (1997)

The Movie: Joel Schumacher's second and last Batflick threw off the darkness by throwing Arnie and Uma at new caped crusader George Clooney.

Why It Was Hated: After Tim Burton's Gothic vision, Schumacher's camp aesthetic restored the look and feel of the 60s TV series with an indigestible stew of bad puns, dayglo colour schemes and Batnipples.

Typical Online Review: "Anatomical nipples on the batsuit... Alfred's niece becomes batgirl... Alfred HAS a niece?!... George Clooney... worst Mr. Freeze ever... and I would argue that while Burton's Batman was a gothic landscape of black & white, Joel Schumacher just vomited the entire color wheel onto Gotham city." sidekick, Comic Book Resources

Psycho (1998)

The Movie: Gus Van Sant remakes the Hitchcock horror shot for shot. Except in colour. And with different actors.

Why It Was Hated: Using one of cinema's untouchable classics as the basis for a multi-million dollar art prank didn't do Van Sant any favours, with audiences quick to point out the film's pointlessness.

Typical Online Review: "Why? I wonder. A shot by shot massacre of one of the perennial classics. The color was jarring, the performances, atrocious. What was Vince Vaughn doing? Was it a parody? A bad joke? What the hell was it?" arichmondfwc, IMDb

Twilight (2008)

The Movie: The "new Harry Potter ," as ex-Hogwarts student R-Pattz moves to Stephenie Meyer's young adult series about vampire romance.

Why It Was Hated: Vampires are ice-cool, charming predators, not emo-kid losers who can't even get laid. Many of Meyer's Twi-hards felt it was toothless, too.

Typical Online Review: "it was the biggest let down ive had in a long time and it might sound silly because it was just a movie but for me it was more the books changed me some how and it was just compleatly butchered. they couldnt have made it any worse at all." Dani L, Yahoo Answers

Forrest Gump (1994)

The Movie: Tom Hanks plays the titular man-child tripping his way through the key events of the baby-boomer generation.

Why It Was Hated: The chocolate-box sentiment, hiding a reactionary vision of American society in which protest is punished and stupidity reigns. Oh, and beating Pulp Fiction and Shawshank to the Oscars didn't help.

Typical Online Review: "Gump's wisdom is so cliché it fails even to rise to the level of platitude. "Life is like a box of chocolates... you never know what you're gonna get." I hate to point out the obvious fact that most boxes of chocolate come with a little slip telling you exactly where to find the coconut crunch, but I think it illustrates a useful point. (Also, how wacked out of your mind do you have to be to accept candy from a mongoloid stranger on a park bench?)." Hannibal Chamberlein, Yahoo

Star Wars Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace (1999)

The Movie: Even longer ago in a galaxy far, far away, George Lucas created the most anticipated movie event… well, ever.

Why It Was Hated: Jar Jar, trade disputes, poor continuity, Jar Jar, midchlorians… and did we mention Jar Jar?

Typical Online Review: "Star Wars was an entertaining film with amusing and engaging characters. Phantom Menace is a pompous, boring affair which wants to be regarded as a religious experience (re : Anakin's virgin birth) but is more like being bothered by Jehovah's Witnesses." Professor Plums, H2G2

Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull (2008)

The Movie: Two decades older but not necessarily wiser, Harrison Ford dons his fedora to fight Commies and find aliens. Sorry, interdimensional beings.

Why It Was Hated: Not content with his childhood-raping antics on the Star Wars prequels, George Lucas dragged down Steven Spielberg with him - monkey-swinging comedy, the blatant positioning of Shia LaBeouf as the next Indy, and the moment that coined its own piece of cinephile jargon, "nuking the fridge."

Typical Online Review: "There was a trailer beforehand of Kung Fu Panda somethingorother. The film then started with the Paramount mountain, formed from a gopher mound, and an unrealistic CG gopher poking it's head out of the mound. I actually didn't realise this was the film, and still thought I was watching a Disney trailer. This was my first sign that the film was going to be a filing cabinet full of soiled underwear. This complete cowpat of a film is truly a sign of the shifting zeitgeist of what is expected from cinema. At least from Lucas et al." Peter Hent, IMDb