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3D pictures of Disney World created for 3DS, a theme park fan site, has launcheda new initiativefor users to create and share as many 3D pictures from Disney World - and later, other theme parks - as possible.

"We’re launching Theme Parks in 3D with more than 100 3D pictures from the Magic Kingdom with many more to come from the rest of Walt Disney World as well as the rest of Orlando’s theme parks. And if you snap your own 3D photos in the parks using a Nintendo 3DS, we invite you to e-mail your pictures to so we can share them," wrote InsideTheMagic's Ricky Brigante.

Since the 3DS can't browse the Web on its own yet, the site has instructions on how to load the 3D gallery to an SD card. When loaded on the handheld, viewers can scroll through an entire 3D photo tour of the park.

[Source: Inside the Magic]

Apr 1, 2011