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25 Terrifying Movie Hooligans

Lil Ze - City Of God (2002)

The Movie Hooligan: A ruthless drug pusher in the slums of Rio De Janiero, Li’l Ze’s reign of terror began when he was just a kid.

He’s quick to pop a cap if anyone gives him a shifty side-eye.

Nastiest Moment: Supposedly on the lookout while his buddies rob a motel, he winds up gunning down all of the occupants. Just because.

Noel Winters - Harry Brown (2009)

The Movie Hooligan: A despicable runt, Noel (Ben Drew) leads a gang of thuggish teens. He terrorises the weak and the elderly, and sexually abuses women for cheap kicks.

Nastiest Moment: Murdering a scared, defenseless pensioner with his own bayonet, while filming it on his phone.

He laughs and then urinates on the man’s corpse. What a bastard.

Bronson - Bronson (2008)

The Movie Hooligan: An aggressive thug, Bronson earns the title “Britain’s most violent prisoner” with ease, fighting prison guards and fellow inmates with an animalistic vigour. Don’t piss him off.

Nastiest Moment: He ties his art teacher to a pole, shoves an apple in his mouth, paints his face orange and puts the fear of God into him.

Brett - Eden Lake (2008)

The Movie Hooligan: A snot-nosed kid (Jack O’Connell) with an arrogant sense of entitlement who feels the world owes him something - so he wrecks the lives of an innocent couple through torture, maiming and... you get the drift.

Nastiest Moment: Coercing an entire village into believing Jenny, the sole survivor of the couple, was the culprit for the bloodshed which he initiated.

The villagers bust down the door to her hiding spot and murder her.

Kevin - We Need To Talk About Kevin (2011)

The Movie Hooligan: A sinister, sly manipulator, Kevin (Ezra Miller) is a detached psychopath whose inability to show any semblance of human emotion results in a brutal school massacre.

Nastiest Moment: Murdering his father, Franklin (John C. Reilly) and sister Celia (Ashley Gerasimovich) in cold blood with his bow and arrow.

Kiriyama Kuzuo - Battle Royale (2000)

The Movie Hooligan: A violent opportunist, Kazuo Kiriyama (Masanobu Ando) is the only contender in the bloody fight-to-the-death who volunteered to take part.

His sick satisfaction evident by the grin he bears during every kill.

Nastiest Moment: After shooting Yumiko and Yukiko in the back, he grabs Yukiko’s megaphone and holds it to her mouth so the entire island can hear her grisly death.

Alex and Eric - Elephant (2003)

The Movie Hooligan: Two high-school loners, Alex (Alex Frost) and Eric (Eric Deulen) suffer ridicule at the hands of bullies and opt to ‘man up’ by ordering an arsenal of firearms off the interweb.

The pair embark on a killing spree at their school, firing upon all of their friends and classmates.

Nastiest Moment: Alex corners teacher Mr. Luce, eventually telling him that he is free to go.

Seconds later he shoots him in the back.

Tommy Johnson - The Football Factory (2004)

The Movie Hooligan: An avid football fan, Tommy (Danny Dyer) lives for the weekend when he joins forces with his fellow Chelsea firm hooligans to drink, take drugs, shag about and kick the crap out of Millwall supporters.

Nastiest Moment: He cherrybombs a tear gas canister into the letterbox of a pub - driving the rival team’s supporters outside, and directly into an ambush.

Carlin - Scum (1979)

The Movie Hooligan: Carlin (Ray Winstone) takes the rap for his thieving brother and ends up in prison. The experience changes him into an animal who resorts to the basest form of thuggery in order to exact revenge on prison “daddy” Banks.

Nastiest Moment: Slinging a couple of snooker balls in a sock as a makeshift weapon, he pummels Banks bloody.

Neo-Nazi Punks - The Doom Generation (1995)

The Movie Hooligan: A trio of murderous Neo-Nazis, one of whom believes Amy Blue (Rose McGowan) to be his ex-girlfriend Bambi despite her protests.

Nastiest Moment: They track down Amy, her boyfriend Jordan (James Duval) and their friend Xavier (Jonathan Schaech) to an abandoned warehouse as the trio are mid-threesome.

Repulsed by their free-spirited sexual tryst (“Dirty, perverted scum, make me see red”), they beat Xavier unconscious, rape Amy on an American flag and castrate Jordan with garden shears.

All while blasting the American national anthem.

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