UK developer: Game degrees 'a waste of time'

David Braben has slammed British gaming degrees, claiming that developers are finding it increasingly hard to find UK graduates looking to enter the industry.

"95% of video gaming degrees are simply not fit for purpose," Braben told the BBC. "Without some sort of common standard, like Skillset accreditation, these degrees are a waste of time for all concerned."

Braben's comments are highlighted in an article claiming that a number of industry jobs are moving from Britain to Canada, which has recently overtakenthe UK as the third leading country for games development.

"We are facing a serious decline in the quality of graduates looking to enter the industry," said Braben. "The death of maths, physics and computer science graduates is hitting us hard."

The games industry has claimed that the migration to Canada is due to its government allowing its industry to flourish, whilst the UK is still reviewing whether tax breaks for desperate UK-based developers is something it could consider.

Courtesy of CVG.

Jun 23, 2008