UEFA EURO 2008 PS3/360 developer blog

To add competition to the mode as well as making it far more fun we not only added competition from other gamers, but if you don’t have 3 friends handy, you compete with 3 other CPU controlled players.

Having that competition really affects the gameplay as you are constantly looking and comparing your match ratings (which we show throughout the match on your player name indicator) and wondering if you should pass to your team mate because even though your team needs the goal, you just can’t bear him getting the man of the match and taking the captain’s armband from you!

In fact in one of our own encounters whilst 3-0 up in a qualifier we were determined to stop one of our work colleagues from getting a hat trick by fair means or foul. Needless to say he didn’t score, much to his dismay and to our amusement! Of course we would never condone the use of foul means when you get to play the game for yourself!

We also allow you to compare and contrast stats – highlighting the winners in each category so you can point the finger at your mates for their woeful shooting accuracy, or show off the fact that every pass you hit found a team mate!