UEFA Euro 2004 remains top of the league

Official ELSPA Top 20 Software Chart (all prices) - week ending 22 May

1 (1)
(PS2, Xbox, PC)
2 (2)
3 (3)
(PS2, Xbox, PC)
4 (5)
5 (4)
6 (11)
(PS2, Xbox, GBA)
7 (9)
(PS2, Xbox)
8 (6)
(PS2, Xbox)
9 (15)
(PS2, PC)
10 (7)
(PS2, Xbox)
11 (8)
(PS2, Xbox, Gamecube)
12 (NE)
13 (12)
(PS2, Xbox, PC)
14 (NE)
15 (13)
(PS2, PC)
16 (18)
(PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, PC, PSone, GBA)
17 (16)
(PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, GBA)
18 (17)
(PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, PC)
19 (10)
20 (14)
(Xbox, PC)

UEFA Euro 2004 retains the top spot for the second week and the rest of the top five follow in similar suit, with just Ninja Gaiden and Norton Internet Security 2004 swapping places. It's a poor week for game sales in general though, illustrated by Ninja Gaiden's fifth position despite it only selling half the number of copies that it sold when released last week.

The highest new entry is Sony's karaoke-inspired EyeToy compatible SingStar, which debuts at 12. The only other new entry is the superb Rallisport Challenge 2, which skids in at 14. Although it manages a respectable position, this excellent rally title deserves more recognition and will, we hope, get the chart success its quality warrants.

The only notable upwardly mobile games are Van Helsing, which climbs five places to number six, and the budget Pro Evolution Soccer 3, which sneaks back into the top 10 again in ninth position. All pretty dry stuff really, reflecting the nature of this week's terribly static chart.

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