Ubisoft rep hints at a new exotic assault rifle coming to The Division 2

Ubisoft content lead Hamish Bode hinted that a new exotic assault rifle might be coming to The Division 2 soon. Bode replied to a fan's comment about the game's lack of exotic assault rifles during a Twitch stream yesterday, saying that he'd "be pretty happen then." It was a brief, but promising, exchange.

While nothing official has been announced, we might see a new exotic weapon come to the looter-shooter in a future update. Exotic weapons are the some of the best guns you can find in the game and fans have been specifically eager about a new assault rifle as the game doesn't have an exotic one yet. It does seems appropriate as there is already an exotic sniper rifle, rifle, shotgun, light machine gun, submachine gun and pistol. An exotic assault rifle would round things out nicely.

We don't know anything about a possible new exotic assault rifle just yet, but a few fans on Reddit seem to think that a weapon called the Eagle Bearer, which leaked from an unknown source, could be what Bode is taking about. The Eagle-Bearer is another name for Assassin Creed Odyssey's protagonist, Kassandra, so it could be a nice tie into to another massive Ubisoft franchise. 

The first Division had multiple exotic assault rifles including the Bullfrog, Caduceus, Liberator, Urban MDR, and Warlord. It's odd that The Division 2 didn't  launch with something similar to the weapons listed above, maybe Ubisoft is looking to fill that rifle sized hole soon.

Ubisoft has already confirmed that a steady stream of free content, including new episodes, specializations, and modes, would be coming to The Division 2 within its first year. The first was a new stronghold, Tidal Basin, that arrived shortly after launch on April 5. You can read about the rest of their post-release roadmap on their official website

If you're not caught up on the current exotic weapons in The Division 2 then check out our comprehensive guide on the best guns in the game. 

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