Two Worlds II UK launch delayed by shipping problem

A shipping problem that publisher TopWare says it "cannot believe" has forced the company to delay the UK launch of Two Worlds II. Components from the game shipped from China were described as "just a total wreck."

For TopWare, this all adds insult to injury. The company has already had to delay the game's UK release numerous times from its initial January 25 expectation, and it had finally settled on a February 18 release before Murphy's Law kicked in.

"We just received the container from China with the Collector's Edition and other components and they are wrecked," TopWare managing director James Seaman told Eurogamer. "Several components were just a total wreck and unacceptable for us to give out to our fans."

"I cannot believe this but it is really happening," he continued. "Officially, launch is the 25th, and this is final."

Two Worlds II has already been released in North America for 360 and PS3 (PC/Mac versions to come), and on all platforms in mainland Europe. Check out our recent review of the 360 version, which suggests that the UK isn't missing much. But still, our condolences to TopWare - we've received a few busted-up UPS packages before, so we know it sucks,but never a whole shipload.

[Source: Eurogamer]

Feb 4, 2011